Naim Supercap 2 & NAC 252


Originally sold by Audiocounsel in 2007. Serial number of the Supercap 2 is 247228. Contains all original packaging and box. It has been very well looked after and is superb condition.

As iconic as it is widely acclaimed, the SuperCap 2 is a Naim Audio classic, capable of powering every preamplifier in their range except for the NAC-N 172. Its substantial toroidal transformer and high-quality smoothing capacitors combine to ensure improved timing, clarity and dynamic range from your favourite music.

The NAC 252 descends from the NAC 52 – still one of the finest preamplifiers ever manufactured. It brings both control and connectivity advances over the NAC 52, and a significantly enhanced construction, aesthetic and finish. Its performance, too, is enhanced with the benefit of a decade of R&D bringing yet more speed, detail, transparency and music. The Naim NAC 252 combines stunningly musical and accurate hi-fi reproduction with extensive flexibility to ensure it will remain at the heart.

In addition to the preferred DIN inputs the NAC 252 owner can configure two of the inputs for use with the more common RCA phono connectors, allowing a wide range of non-Naim cables and components to be used. A user-configurable unity-gain input is provided for use with the AV2 processor or similar.


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