Shahinian Obelisk Mk 2 Loudspeakers


The amount of technical advancement that has taken place on the Obelisk means that today’s model could not have been built back in 1977. It is still part of a select range of genuine poly/omnidirectional loudspeakers currently on the market. (If you believe any planar loudspeaker is omnidirectional, just walk between a pair, and listen to the music drop.)

Let’s remember that any sound in the universe has a polyradial trajectory away from its point of source; not direct, axial. Shahinian believe it seems reasonable to attempt to duplicate reality? The Obelisk does and rather succeeds in this regard.

For their size and price, the achieved  response is nothing short of astounding. In terms of placement they perform best when out in the open, away from walls and corners. Room placement/storage is facilitated by the fitment of four twin-wheel casters suitable for carpeted or hard floors.

They simply recreate space . . . and possess a tremendous sense of scale. They are still unique – They simply make great music!

The Obelisk is an interesting design consisting of a rear-mounted passive radiator with 8-in polypropylene curvilinear cone woofer, two 38mm Titanium ultralight exposed dome midranges, and four W-shaped Titanium/polyimide dome supertweeters. Designed as a genuine poly/omnidirectional speaker which performs best in the open, away from walls and corners they feature woofers with 1 1/2-in aluminum high-temperature patented D.D. voice coils, 28-oz magnet, and magnesium basket; supertweeters with 10-mm voice coils, filters at 6 dB woofer, 18 dB midrange, 18 dB supertweeter  and for protection a 3.0 amp quick blow fuse.

The Pyramid is now made of Finland Birch plywood in common with both Hawk and Diapason models. The internal cabinet bracing has also been improved over the previous version.


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