Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE Loudspeakers (Gloss Black)


The Tannoy DC6T makes use of Tannoy’s famous Dual Concentric drive units. By placing the tweeter within the throat of the main woofer, the DC6T gives a single point source for crucial high and mid-range frequencies. The result is a consistency and realism of vocals that you’d be hard pushed to find from many rivals. The tweeter itself is a titanium dome unit that gives exceptional detail without sounding brash or harsh. The woofers have been improved to feature double magnets. Featuring on both of the woofers in each cabinet, these double magnets provide a faster and more dynamic bass response. With its secondary woofer, the DC6T SE is also equally capable as a home cinema front or high power stereo speaker. SE CUSTOM PLINTHS Unique to the SE version of the DC6T is a brand new stabilising plinth. The new plinth offers a more stable and rigid support for less loss of detail through cabinet resonance. As a result, the sound is clearer, more detailed and benefits from a ‘faster’ sound. A further benefit of the new plinth is the ability to adjust the spikes from the top, for ease of levelling and adjustment. REVISED CROSSOVER WITH AUDIOPHILE GRADE COMPONENTS Audiophile grade capacitors and fine tuning to the crossover voicing give the DC6T SE pin-sharp staging and the feeling that the musicians are ‘there’ with you in the room. As before, silver-plated cable and chromed cable connections offer a long-lasting and low resistance connection, right up to the drive units. The crossover features low loss, laminated inductors. This quality components would usually be reserved for much more expensive speakers and helps give the Tannoy’s their open and transparent sound.

Original boxes included so we can arrange shipping if picking them up is not an option.

Excellent condition!

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