YBA Passion IA350A Integrated Amp/DAC


A sound stage is meant to be panoramic and the IA350 fills the room. The separation of the channels gives us a wide sound scene yet does not go beyond the surroundings of the loudspeakers. The IA350 adapts superbly to the dimensions of the listening room, but also to the speakers. The dynamics allow us to listen serenely and absolutely to all styles of music under all conditions.

Staying with the uncluttered style synonymous with YBA, the front panel has simply an input and volume selector. The turn on switch is cleverly concealed beneath the front left hand side of the amplifier.

The source selector toggles between many different inputs – both analogue and digital. The digital inputs include an S/PDIF (75 Ohm) Coaxial digital input, a USB (24/192KHz) plus AES/EBU, I2 S, and iPod, all of which receive digital signals from separate digital components. The analogue inputs include 2 RCA and 1 Balanced. All digital inputs automatically adjust to any of the standard digital-audio data-rates from 16/44.1Khz to 24/192Khz. There is one pair of RCA speaker outputs.

It is possible to switch the power to the digital section off completely if your wish is to listen at times to purely analogue. The Passion IA350A also has a pre-out bypass feature, if, for example, you wish to connect an active subwoofer or active loudspeakers.

Should you wish to use your PC as a source, a driver download is all that is required.

The IA350A is an elegant proposition, offering two unbalanced line inputs on RCAs and one balanced on XLR, labelled CD, Video and XLR, respectively. The ‘Video’ connection can be reconfigured to bypass the volume control, using a series of commands on the slim remote handset. Sadly, there is no obvious indication of the input setting, so care needs to be exercised here in case the amplifier is left in power amp/full gain mode.

Hi-Fi News Verdict
YBA can be rightly proud of the IA350A amplifier, for not only is it superbly built and finished, but it has a good selection of digital and analogue inputs and outputs upon which to base a comprehensive system. Most importantly, though, its sound combines clarity with an authority and commanding presence that really is quite captivating. Passion by name, it is passionate by nature!

It’s the sort of amplifier where you spin a familiar track and suddenly find yourself sitting up and listening as if for the first time.

NOTE – The YBA amp/DAC is in excellent condition, with all original boxes, manuals and remote (as pictured). FREE UK mainland shipping is available.


Product type

Integrated Amplifier

Power output

Stereo 115W/8Ω 160W/4Ω

Line Inputs

1 Balanced
5 Digital (I2S / AES/ COAXIAL / USB /iPod

Input signal sampling rate

32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz/24Bit

Line Output

1 Pair RCA

Pre-out bypass





< 0.03%


High performance 24bit/192Khz CS439

Frequency Response

20 Hz – 20 kHz (-0.5 dB)



Display brightness

Adjustable from remote

Power Supply

Linear power supply with high performance
Ul-core transformer 320VA

Remote control

Full function – full metal chassis

Color / Finish

Natural aluminium

Dimensions (w x d x h)

430 x 380 x 108 mm


15.4 Kg


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