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 Our range is quite simply Hi Fi products that excite us. We listen to a large number of products, but only stock the ones that truly inspire us. This diverse range of Hi Fi products are permanently on demonstration for you to listen to. 





At Audiocounsel we stock a range of Moving Coil and Moving Magnet Cartridges. Have a look at our full range, or contact us for a demonstration. 

cd players.

We stock a wide range of CD players from the impressive yet affordable Consonance CD-120 to the astonishing Audio Note CD 4.1x. See our range below…. 

cd transports.

A CD transport concentrates on reading the information held on a compact disc without expending effort in turning that digital signal into an analogue output, unlike a CD player. Check out the CD transports in our collection….


Like many listeners, Audio Note were unconvinced by conventional CD players. So they scratched theirs heads and concluded that conventional CD players were losing up to four-fifths of the data. Now they’re building machines that unearth those lost chords. The discovery is startling – it may mean we can all upgrade our music collection dramatically, without having to buy a single new disc!

integrated amplifiers.

Our range of integrated amplifiers is diverse, from the modest yet impressive transistor based Exposure amps, right into the warm, organic and musical world of valve amplification – without breaking the bank! This really is an area of your hi-fi system that you simply must investigate – and we’d love to lend you our expertise. 


Whether your hi-fi system requires a humble bookshelf speaker or a loudspeaker to fill the room – our range of loudspeakers offer real music lovers the sense of live music in the room -at any price point. 

phono stages.

As with many product categories, models span all kinds of price ranges. But whether you’re looking to pinch pennies or break the bank, we’ve got a phono preamp for you:

power amplifiers.




Loudspeaker Stands.

We are pleased to announce the release of our very own Q-Stand range of loudspeaker stands.

After a period of research and development we believe that we have come up with three sets of speaker stands that offer a superior performance to any other speaker stand we have listened to on the market. Offering an enhanced performance of any stand mounted speaker, and at a modest price too!

speaker cables and interconnects.



At Audiocounsel we only stock what we consider to be the very best in terms of musical playback, and in terms of value for money. So many of the streamers on the market today are mostly about convenience and not about providing a stunning musical experience. That is why we stock Melco and 432EVO streamers – the represent the very best available in the industry today!


With the vinyl revival in full flow, it’s easy to rush out and buy any turntable which will play your records – but if you really want to dig out the pure magic hidden deep in the grooves of your favourite records, it’s well advised to come and have a listen before you buy! We stock a wide range of specially selected turntables, starting from very well priced turntables, up to the very top level the analogue world has to offer. We provide a free installation and set-up service with each turntable we sell. Give us a shout if you want to have a listen or get some advice.

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