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We are always listening to a large and diverse range of DAC’S in order to bring you the very best available on the market at each price point. When it comes to DAC’s, we have simply yet to find anything that outperforms the Audio Note range.  

Audio Note’s DAC’s are constantly improving when seemingly impossible, with a truly staggering and innovative range of ladder DAC’s due to be available in the not too distant future, with retrospective fitting options to current Audio Note customers.  


Our dac’s Gallery

Merason Frerot.

The compact little Swiss made Merason Frérot DAC packs a punch at a very affordable price. We feel it outperforms many more expensive DAC options on the market, and has an exceptionally musical presentation. Real live music is available in your without having to break the bank! 

audio note dac 0.1x

The Audio Note DAC 0.1x is the replacement for the old Audio Note DAC Zero. Unlike the original Zero it uses the same non-oversampling / filtering approach as the AN DACs higher up the range.

audio note dac 1.1x

As with all AN DAC’s the DAC 1.1x is effortless, engaging and just draws you into the music.

Both the standard and signature versions of the DAC 1.1x employ Audio Note 1 x oversampling and Direct From Disc technologies to provide an extremely musical converter.  The signature version employs upgraded components, with Audio Note tantalum resistors and Blackgate capacitors in crucial areas, Audio Note copper foil signal capacitors and a copper-wound digital input transformer.

audio note dac 2.1x

One thing we love about Audio Note is that no matter which product you choose, it retains this “organic” feel of real instruments being played before you. Wood sounds like wood, metal like metal, voice like voice. The DAC 2.1x models offer a quality that simply has to be heard.

audio note dac 3.1x

The DAC3.1x/II Balanced features an upgraded version of the classic Audio Note (UK) Line preamplifier output stage, using a pair of ECC82 / 5814a double triode valves.

The Audio Note (UK) DAC3.1x Digital to Analogue converter has been specifically engineered for sonic performance rather than technical specification, and fulfils all Audio Note (UK) Level 3 criteria: –

Pure Class A operation

Zero negative feedback

Single Ended circuit topology

Valve rectification

Materials and component quality

audio note dac 4.1x

The DAC4.1 is available in two models;

Audio Note DAC 4.1 Balanced

Audio Note DAC 4.1 Balanced Signature

Internal component quality of this calibre has never before been seen, in either consumer or professional equipment. There is an abundance of Audio Note (UK) capacitors, and Audio Note (UK) Tantalum film resistors throughout the circuit. Analogue stage filter inductors and internal wiring are all produced with Audio Note (UK) wire.

audio note dac 5

The DAC 5 is available in two models;

  • Audio Note DAC 5 Special

  • Audio Note DAC 5 Signature

The DAC 5 Special features an upgraded version of the M6 pre-amplifier line stage, using a 5814a (ECC82/12AU7a) and a 6463, both of which are dual triode valves.

The DAC 5 Signature features an upgraded version of the M6 preamplifier line stage, using a 5814a (ECC82 / 12AU7a / 6189) and a Telefunken 6463, both of which are dual triodes valves.


audio note fifth element/force.

The Fifth Element / Fifth Force DAC is without doubt or question, the finest Digital to Analogue Converter ever produced. As one would expect, no expense has been spared in the construction of the circuit or the components used, and it is a full Audio Note (UK) Level 5 product.

The Fifth Element / Fifth Force features a version of the M9 pre-amplifier line stage, using a 6189 (ECC82 / 12AU7a / 5814a) and a Telefunken 6463, both of which are dual triodes valves. These are coupled to an output transformer, wound with Audio Note (UK) silver wire on a 55% Nickel Audio Note (UK) Supa-Perma C cores.

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