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 There are so many loudspeakers available in the Hi-Fi world, it can be easy to get lost with countless options available. That is why we listen to so many loudspeakers every year, in order to bring you the very best available no matter what the budget.

So how do we decide what to stock? We only stock what truly excites us, and we test only by listening – regardless of brand names, or latest fads – if it sounds like real LIVE music, then we you are likely to find it at Audiocounsel.

There is no substitute for hearing for yourself, so we would nearly always recommend booking a demo, so you can make your own mind up!    

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Audion Silver Night 300B audiocounsel
Audion Silver Night 300B audiocounsel



Leveraging a 1″ titanium tweeter matted to Klipsch’s proprietary hybrid Tractrix horn – the RP-600M bookshelf speaker delivers incredible acoustics to fill your home with loud, crystal-clear sound and robust bass that no ordinary bookshelf speaker can.

Heco Aurora 300. 

The Aurora 300 is a compact shelf speaker with uncompromising sound qualities. The identical 170 mm woofer, which is also found in the Aurora 700, is used in the somewhat smaller, equally sturdy housing and it guarantees a powerful performance in the bass range and a distinctive mid-range frequency with its lightweight, long fiber kraft paper cone and longthrow surround. 


The Elementa 300 is a new stand mount design from Heco. It features the classic recipe of a paper coned mid/bass driver and soft dome tweeter, which is housed in a smart satin painted MDF cabinet.

So the recipe itself might not be anything unusual, but the sound really is. For the price and size these are an incredibly well judged design, they’re efficient (90dB) meaning that dynamics are impressive and almost any amplifier can be used with them, yet they also offer very good bass extension and power for their size – not something that is terribly easy to combine.

focal aria 906. 

The Aria 906 is faithful to the DNA of the Aria range: refined high-end acoustics combined with excellent perceived value thanks to the use of noble materials. This 2-way loudspeaker allows users to enjoy all the qualities of the Flax cone neutrality, presence and finesse. The intention was a return to the very essence of acoustics for those who are passionate about music. F cone are characterised by their natural sound, with low coloration, their richness of reproduction in the midrange register and their tighter bass. The result is a more homogeneous sound, improved dynamics.

audio note ax1/ax2.

The AX range deserve much wider recognition as they offer extraordinary performance for the price. They reproduce music in a way that few other entry-level loudspeakers can. The beauty of these speakers are that they can be driven by practically any good quality amplifier, be that valve or transistor. 


q-acoustic 3050i.

The all new, Q 3050i floor-standing speaker has been created using design principles taken from Q-Acoustics critically acclaimed Concept 500 Series, resulting in stunning sonic performance and beautiful aesthetics. At this price there are very few loudspeakers that get even close to the performance of the 3050i.

klipsch rp-8000f.

Klipsch proprietary Tractrix® horn loading technology ensures high-frequency energy of the RP-8000F floorstanding speaker is aimed directly at the listener and reduces unwanted, artificial reverb caused by indirect sound bouncing off walls – meaning you experience the most clear, detailed, lifelike sound possible.

focal aria 926.

The Aria 926 embodies the home 3-way floor standing loudspeaker. This musical and expressive loudspeaker is easy to install. All kinds of music lovers will be thrilled with its acoustic qualities. The Aria 926 is by definition an affordable audiophile loudspeaker.

focal aria 948.

The Aria 948 symbolises the return of the “true” acoustic loudspeaker. A new type of 3-way loudspeaker with 81/4’’ (21cm) speaker drivers effortlessly providing intense and controlled bass. The intention was a return to the very essence of acoustics for those who are passionate about music.

shahinian compass. 

The Shahinian Compass is a vertical loudspeaker with a diamond shaped baffle.

The enclosure is a rigid pipe with two dissimilar chambers for the Shahinian Compass. The bass loading is achieved by means of strategically placed friction slots. The diamond baffle is ideal to reduce unwanted typical diffraction problems and thereby produce a smooth, uniform radiation characteristic.

shahinian obelisk. 

The OBELISK is the first loudspeaker designed and produced by Shahinian in 1977. At the time, its shape and acoustical disposition were considered radical. Today it is positively conservative compared to what has come and gone.  It has been revised several times as new, exciting technology and devices appeared. Today’s OBELISK could not have been built in 1977. It is still the only genuine poly/omnidirectional loudspeaker on the market.

heco einklang.

The latest addition to the Direkt series is seamlessly integrated into Heco´s exceptional range of speakers and, just like the Heco Direkt, it pursues a completely independent concept that is rare today: The Direkt Einklang is an exclusive one-way system in which a single (!) full-range speaker functions as a point sound source and ensures maximum authenticity and spatiality.

heco direkt.

Inspired by traditional roots, the engineers at Heco have created a modern 2-way loudspeaker in line with the latest development standards and with innovative technologies. The HECO Direkt combines the dynamics and bass power of a large floor-standing loudspeaker with the realistic, self-contained spatial and three-dimensional quality of a high-end two-way speaker. All of the individual components have been specially developed for this loudspeaker, trimmed to high efficiency and maximum low distortion with elaborate and time-consuming detailed precision work.

klipsch heresy iv. 

First introduced in 1957, the Heresy, a three-way design, started out as a compact center channel speaker to accompany the Klipschorn® in three-speaker stereo arrays. The Heresy IV offers unparalleled sound quality from a relatively small speaker.

klipsch forte iii. 

First introduced in 1985, the Forte quickly established itself as the most popular Klipsch model of the time. The elegant design and outstanding performance made the Forte a standout among its competitors. In 2017, Klipsch re-introduced the Forte as part of the Heritage speaker series. The new Forte III features updated cosmetics and the latest advancements in acoustic engineering, while maintaining the original charisma that made the Forte so popular.

audio note az2/az3. 

The Audio Note AZ series are simple, elegant floor-standing speaker from Audio Note. It is a superb entry point into the world of Audio Note. Many people begin their Audio Note journey with these speakers because they are stunningly musical, yet so relatively affordable and accommodating to a wide range of amplifiers and electronics.

audio note az-two deluxe. 

The AZ2 Deluxe is the bigger brother to the AZ2 and AZ3 series of floor-standing loudspeakers from Audio Note.  With many of the qualities of the stand mounted speakers, in a proper floor-standing cabinet, made in Austria at the same factory as the AN/K, AN/J & AN/Es. There is a depth of sound to them that simply weren’t there with the standard AZ2’s.

Devore o/93

With a new version of the Devore 10 inch Paper cone woofer with phase plug and the same gently horn loaded 1 inch silk dome tweeter, the O/93 retains much of the clarity and tonality of the O/96 at a lower sensitivity in a lower priced speaker. A simply stunning performance from this loudspeaker, especially when matched with the right valve amp!


Devore O/96.

With the Orangutan O/96 DeVORE FIDELITY brings it’s award-winning blend of musicality and accuracy to a new speaker designed especially for low-powered tube amplifiers. 10″ paper cone with a phase-plug powered by a motor adapted from our Silverback Reference drivers. 1″ silk-dome tweeter with a powerful double-magnet motor system gently horn-loaded.haviour, tactile musical excitement

Audio Note AN/K.

The Audio Note AN-K is the entry into the classic range of Audio Note stand-mounted speakers.

While there are speakers,(notably Audio Note J’s and E’s) that go lower and higher with more ease, and make a bigger and arguably more accurate impression, the 90dB, 8 ohm Audio Note AN-K’s have a special quality that larger, more effortlessly full-range speakers generally lack. They have an immediacy, a presence, exciting leading edge behaviour, and tactile musical excitement.

audio note an/j.

The Audio Note AN-J is the middle model in Audio Notes classic range of speakers. The ported J’s are unquestionably “fuller” sounding than their little brothers (the K’s), in the sense that they go lower with more authority, go higher with more ease – they are smoother and more open sounding; and they create a larger image.

The J’s bass comes remarkably close to that of their big brother E’s. In small and large rooms alike, with their 93 dB sensitivity, they are quite happy!

audio note an/e. 

“Nothing in the last 30 years prepared me for the sound of the Audio Note AN-E’s. The sound that comes out from them is beyond my words. It stirs my emotions and it is easy on the ears. It sounded more like live music than any speaker I had ever heard. Vocals and instruments are just there with all their dynamics and with unbelievable tonal accurateness.

audio note speaker finishes. 

Audio Note offer a range of book-matched real wood veneer finishes for their stand mounted speaker range – a finish to suit every taste, available in Satin or High-Gloss .

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