“Melco is proud to present the world’s first audiophile grade source component to access store and deliver hi-res digital music without any of the compromises of computers and their peripherals. At any stage. This is pure. And simple. Even set-up is really easy. The Melco N1 is both a music store and UPnP server for ethernet connected streaming solution, and is also a source for a USB connected DAC. Sound quality is unsurpassed. Theres no need for a PC in order to setup or manage the system and not a single intervening switch or I.T. component to come between you and your music”.- Melco

About the Melco N1A streamer

Melco was established in Japan in 1975 by Makoto Maki, a passionate audiophile determined to create the finest, high-end components. At Audio Counsel we are now stocking the Melco N1A streamer. The Melco N1A is both a music store and a streamer. The best part about the N1A is that it sounds incredibly musical.

Melco N1A Features:

Melco N1A with 4TB internal storage.

Simple USB Backup and Expansion.

Dual Ethernet Ports – DSM direct to Player Connection and LAN.

USB connection to external DAC.

Melco NA1 Streamer Reviews


“If you ever believed all hard disk storage was essentially the same then the Melco has the ability to make you think again. The attention to detail and research that has gone into the basic design is certainly impressive – and it translates into a sound quality that is a step up from any other network attached music library I’ve heard. What immediately struck me was the crystal clear clarity of the delivery.”

“The Melco N1A is a truly impressive piece of equipment for anyone looking to house their music collection in one place. Bags of storage, simple to operate yet possessed of a gorgeous sound –  it comes unreservedly recommend.” HIFI WORLD

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