Edwads Audio.

The Edwards Audio series from TALK Electronics is a competitive range of unrivalled high performance products, all designed and built in the UK. Don’t let their size deceive you as each has been designed to set new standards in this area and can compete with many ‘fully grown’ products out there. If reviews are anything to go by then we have achieved our goal with many awards and reviews from around the world.

Audio Note Turntables.

Audio Note are known for many products, but their range of turntables, arms and cartridges are truly outstanding – and without quite the bloated price tags of many of the highly acclaimed “audiophile” turntables on the market – hearing is believing! We have their full range of turntables, arms and cartridges on permanent demonstration. 

Well Tempered Turntabes. 

The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus range of turntables are designed and built with one goal in mind; maximum enjoyment from your analogue record collection. Their unique designs, most of which are patent registered let nothing stand in the way of you and your music.

Project Turntabes. 

We now stock a select range of the very best Project turntables available. Proof that breaking the bank simple isn’t necessary to achieve the best in analogue playback! 

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