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The phrase “entry level” doesn’t really apply itself to any Audio Note product, but the CD Zero is the entry into the incredible world of Audio Note’s valve equipped, red book integrated CD players. The CD Zero offers the best sound quality that CD has to offer in one small package!




cd zero.

Audio Note (UK) continue to extract even greater degrees of information and quality from Red Book CD, which is still the best, currently available digital music format. 

It has been specifically engineered for sonic performance rather than technical specification, and fulfils all Audio Note (UK) Entry Level criteria.


valve loaded.

The in-house custom modified Philips front loading CD mechanism is designed purely to read true Red Book CD, which in our opinion is still the best possible Digital music format currently available. The Philips TDA1543 DAC is implemented in a non-oversampling digital filterless circuit, and the analogue output stage is equipped with the quite exceptional 6111WA miniature dual triode


compact classic.

Housed inside its deceptively solid casework are simplified and integrated versions of our Zero level dedicated Transport and DAC (CDT Zero/II and DAC0.1x)..


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