about Our Q-Stands


Introducing our very own loudspeaker stand range….the all new “Q-Stand”.

They are our first in-house designed and built product and is receiving rave reviews from everyone who hears what an improvement they are making to their loudspeakers! 



Audiocounsel’s Q-Stand range.

We are pleased to announce the release of our very own Q-Stand range of loudspeaker stands.

After a period of research and development we believe that we have come up with three sets of speaker stands that offer a superior performance to any other speaker stand we have listened to on the market. Offering an enhanced performance of any stand mounted speaker, and at a modest price too!

Wooden Construction.

The whole premise of the stand is based around a wooden construction which is comprised of a mixture of solid Tulipwood and Russian Birch wood on each stand, all which sit on a set of adjustable metal spikes. This has a profound effect on the performance of the loudspeaker in our experience. It is a very surprising difference, bringing a more musical, a more natural feel to the music. As usual, you’d be very welcome to have a listen for yourself!

The stands come flat-packed so we can arrange shipping for a very easy self assembly at home. Or ask us, and we can do it for you!


Customer reviews. 

  • I have been shopping with Audio Counsel since 1984.  I don’t understand all the technical information about systems, but I do know when it sounds better.  I also know if Dave recommends something it is worth listening to it.  The idea of the Q speaker stands is one that is so simple that you wonder why nobody thought of doing it before.  The effect of changing to these speaker stands is immediate.  You don’t have to concentrate or think about it – it’s obvious.  The sound opens up and the dynamic range is more apparent, making the listening experience even more pleasurable than before.  Thanks again Dave and Jimmy – Words by Rob Henstock

  • I’ve always enjoyed listening to music through Audio Note gear but Audiocounsel’s wooden speaker stands have lifted the experience to a new level. Get the system setup right and, in my opinion, the overall result is akin to a preamp upgrade. Dave’s suggestion of using them without spikes may contradict traditional theories but the resulting improvement in imaging, depth and clarity is amazing. The absence of spikes also makes speaker positioning considerably easier as the stands simply slide across the floor. The timber stands themselves remove any hint of nastiness to leave a natural, seductive sound with superb dynamics – Words by Brian Mee




  • 27cm (L) x 36cm (W)  X 27.5cm (H)


  • 33cm (L) x 23cm (W)  X 43cm (H)


  • 20cm (L) x 27cm (W)  X 53cm (H)

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