Audio Note Meishu Integrated Amplifier

About Audio Note Amplifiers

Audio Note manufacture a complete range of valve amplifiers. Though their name may be synonymous with the likes of the Onkagu, they start from very reasonable prices. An Integrated OTO starts from £1,900, an M-Zero Pre-amp from £1,050 and a Vindicator Power- Amp from £2,400.
Audio Note is one company that has never needed to cloud its philosophy in marketing double-talk. Their premise has always been rather simple — directly heated triodes in single-ended mode with no global feedback. They feel, and much of the audio industry agrees, that transistor based amplifiers are fundamentally flawed because they are a semi-conductor yet live music is a linear sonic event.
Simplicity is at the heart of every Audio Note amplifier. They pay homage to the idea that every component exerts an influence on the sound, so they must each be of the very best possible quality. It is a powerful concept achieved through visionary engineering, extensive research and development.
Refinement is the central theme to every Audio Note Amplifier. They do not believe in applying bigger, louder or more complex solutions to their products. Instead they seek to establish greater value through better sound. They look for solutions in technology, techniques, parts, materials and amplifying devices that can be shown to provide better low level behaviour, as they believe these are the most important aspects.

About Audio Note Meishu


The Mighty Meishu, is a one box beauty. It was launched in the early 1990’s and it continues to beguile, amaze, and sneak into the hearts of owners for its sheer beauty at replaying recorded material. It is a Class A single-ended directly heated no feedback triode amplifiers.
There are three different versions of the Meishu available. All three versions are available with or without phono stage. It comes with either a silver aluminium or black acrylic fascia. Simplicity remains throughout the functionality of Meishu. It comes with five knobs on the front for Input Selection (Phono, CD, Aux, Tuner, Tape Selector) Balance, Volume and Power.
Audio Note Meishu integrated amplifier.
Audio Note Meishu Silver integrated amplifier.
Audio Note Meishu Silver Signature integrated amplifier.
9 watt SET, 300B based integrated amplifier. Available with or without phono stage. This is the best way to bring 300B tubes into your system if you are looking for a one box solution. Naturally, warm, and full sounding which gives us the rich glory of the 300B tube. Its natural mates are Audio Note AN-J’s or AN-E’s. The Meishu Silver is a great upgrade.
The Silver and Silver Signature version have higher quality parts including resistors, capacitors and wiring.

Audio Note Meishu Reviews

 “After ten minutes of listening you will understand what is meant by the difference between ‘listening to high-end’ and ‘listening to music’.

When you succeed to find a loudspeaker which matches to this amp in an optimal way, you will notice that you start listening to music in another way.

To make it short: this amp manages in an extremely good way to emphasise on the musical aspects of a piece of music. This amp also manages to distract you from the so called ‘technical-way of listening to music’. “- Review by audio

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