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The Audio Note DAC 0.1x is the replacement for the old Audio Note DAC Zero. Unlike the original Zero it uses the same non-oversampling / filtering approach as the AN DACs higher up the range.

The DAC 0.1x is currently the only one in the range to feature USB connectivity, making it the perfect companion to enhance any streamer!




the start of something special.

The Audio Note DAC 0.1x is the first and currently the only unit in the Audio Note UK range to offer both coaxial 75 ohm SPDIF and USB inputs, selectable using a fascia-mounted switch. The DAC circuit is based around the well-regarded Phillips TDA1543 converter chip and employs 1x oversampling using Direct From Disc technology together with no digital filtering. The DAC 0.1x uses a valve output analogue stage with a 6111WA miniature dual triode, Beyschlag precision resistors and Audio Note tin foil capacitors. 

master tape quality.

The DAC uses the revolutionary and currently exclusive Audio Note digital technology dubbed 1x oversampling™ direct from disc™ circuit topology. The technology in essence dispenses with all the correction measures inherent in all other D/A converters and presents the digital signal directly to the converter after reformatting. In other words, all products in the Audio Note DAC range have no oversampling, no jitter reduction, no noise shaping and no re-clocking.

Having removed all the digital filtering that is part of the oversampling, we have also dispensed with all filtering in the analogue domain to further retain good wide band phase-frequency and dynamically coherent behaviour. The end result being a reproduction more reminiscent of master tape in quality, with greater differentiation and contrast between different recordings.



With some decent run-in time, it’s the AN 0.1x that’s the winner for me. I have to say I now have the urge to hear the higher ups in the AN range, even if it’s hard to imagine, despite price tags drifting off into the stratosphere, that they could be all that much that much better than this little charmer . 

For now at least, it’s punching above its position in the hierarchy and it seems fairly reasonable price-wise too.

Anyway if anyone is in the market for a DAC, and has the tube religion (or even if they don’t), the 0.1x is worth a listen –  there’s no doubt in my mind this little AN is a real cracker in terms of sound, and I’m surprised there’s not much of a whisper about it anywhere online. We are definitely living in a golden age of digital reproduction!

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