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Like many listeners, Audio Note where unconvinced by conventional CD players. They found the sound chromium-plated, artificial and tiring. So they scratched theirs heads and concluded that conventional CD players were losing up to four-fifths of the data. Now they’re building machines that unearth those lost chords. The discovery is startling – it may mean we can all upgrade our music collection dramatically, without having to buy a single new disc!

“All normal CD players have error correction circuits which ‘sample’ sound backwards and forwards as the disc is played, and help paper over any cracks in the data. They slice and dice the input as they go, and then reconstitute the whole. The trouble is that this is like mincing a piece of beef: once you’ve done that, you can’t make a fillet steak out of it again. Basically sound is the same, it’s a continuum, and we discovered these circuits cause the loss of weak signals – subtle things like echoes, harmonics, spatial information, which are vital to natural reproduction. So we came up with our own approach, leaving the data raw, and unadulterated. We found that other conventional components were contributing to data loss too, so we replaced them with aerospace-grade materials applied in a new patented way”

The result has to be heard.

Try your favourite CD – one you think you know in every tiny detail – and be prepared to be astonished.

Suddenly a plucked bass appears from nowhere. Hey, who brought that snare drum in here? The sax has somehow acquired a far richer timbre, and the backing singers are no longer a flat wall of sound, but three distinct, mouth-sized humans. The whole thing sounds so alive, so tactile, so real.

Audio Note DAC 1.1x


As with all Audio Note DAC’s the DAC 1 is effortless, engaging and just draws you into the music.

It is available in two models;

Audio Note DAC 1.1x standard

Audio Note DAC 1.1x Signature

Both the standard and signature versions of the DAC 1.1x employ Audio Note 1 x oversampling and Direct From Disc technologies to provide an extremely musical converter.  The signature version employs upgraded components, with Audio Note tantalum resistors and Blackgate capacitors in crucial areas, Audio Note copper foil signal capacitors and a copper-wound digital input transformer.

This highly-regarded DAC is available with a face plate in either brushed aluminium or polished black acrylic to match other products in the Audio Note UK range.

Audio Note DAC 1.1x Review


“I really, really enjoyed the Audio Note DAC 1.1x. It brought up for me why I got into audio and reviewing—I want to enjoy music. I’m not looking for the last iota of information, I’m looking for music. I loved listening to the Audio Note, and I’d be happy to keep it in my system. With this product, I see analog and digital getting closer to parity—not sounding the same, but of equal merit. The Audio Note 1.1 DAC is worth a listen.

The Audio Note DAC 1.1x is a marvelous, amazing, delightful piece of gear. In combination with my state-of-the-art (har, har, har) Pioneer DV525, the 1.1 reminds me very much of the dear, recently departed (from my listening room) 47 Labs player. At $1500 versus $8000 for the 47 Labs, the Audio Note performed heroically. The two have simplicity of design in common, and both are a joy to listen to.

What makes the Audio Note great? I’m taken by its ability to suggest that analog isn’t necessary to have very engaging sound. I’ve got about 600 records and 200 CDs, and when I go shopping I always look for the LP first, but after hanging out with the 1.1 DAC for a while, I’m wondering if that isn’t more habit than necessity. I have really enjoyed the 1.1, even with a cheap digital cable. God knows what upgrading the cable will do for the sound of this puppy. The 1.1 presents a musical event with more going on, and I don’t just mean detail, though there is plenty of detail. I expected the tubed 1.1 to be fat and sweet, and not precise, but it is quite precise-sounding. Also present is a wonderful sense of music being made in three dimensions. There was a palpability to the sound, and a roundness to the bottom end that was taut, engaging and “real.” Listening through the 1.1 was like watching a cauldron of live players making music, rather than an amorphous, disembodied occurrence between my speakers. The midrange tones had attack and decay AND a distinctly sustained tone. Through the 1.1, there was plenty of natural richness and liquidity.”- POSITIVE FEEDBACK. LARRY COX.

To read the full review of the Audio Note DAC 1.1x V2 in Positive Feedback by Larry Cox click here

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