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The Audio Note DAC 1.1x and the DAC 1.1x Signature are the next two DACs up from the 0.1x DAC in the range. Like the Zero DAC, it uses the same non-oversampling / filtering approach as the AN DACs higher up the range.

As with most Audio Note products, the 1.1x DACs are available in an Anodised Aluminium or a Black Acrylic finish. 




materials and quality.

The 1.1x DAC uses the highest grade Analogue Devices AD1865, 18Bit stereo converter chip solely because we found it to be the best sounding available (yes, even better than the 20Bit versions!).

The filter-interface coils / transformers are of extremely high quality, and are custom designed and manufactured in house by Audio Note themselves.

level 1 quality.

The DAC1.1x/II Signature features an abundance of upgraded components in comparison with the standard edition, including our own Audio Note (UK) Tantalum resistors in key areas.

The Audio Note (UK) DAC 1.1x Digital to Analogue converter has been specifically engineered for sonic performance rather than technical specification, and fulfils all Audio Note (UK) Level 1 criteria




I really, really enjoyed the Audio Note DAC 1.1x. It brought up for me why I got into audio and reviewing—I want to enjoy music. I’m not looking for the last iota of information, I’m looking for music. I loved listening to the Audio Note, and I’d be happy to keep it in my system. With this product, I see analog and digital getting closer to parity—not sounding the same, but of equal merit. The Audio Note 1.1 DAC is worth a listen.

The Audio Note DAC 1.1x is a marvellous, amazing, delightful piece of gear.


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