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Take the step up to the DAC 3.1x and there is only one DAC available at this level:

Audio Note DAC 3.1x/ll Balanced.

The 3.1x/ll Balanced DAC comes in a full sized case and is a sizeable step-up from the 2.1 DAC’S. As the name suggests, it provides balanced XLR outputs as well as conventional single ended phono sockets. 




The Audio Note DAC 3.1x/ll Balanced features an upgraded version of the classic Audio Note (UK) Line preamplifier output stage, using a pair of ECC82 / 5814a double triode valves. This is coupled to an output transformer, wound with Audio Note (UK) copper wire.

The 3.1x/ll Balanced puts an enormous smile on your face. It is naturally rich, smooth, refined and clear. While it gets better as you continue up the range, this is where a good number of ambitious music lovers will be happy to settle. 

3.1x/ii balanced.

To power this spectacularly revealing arrangement, Audio Note have incorporated a dual channel power supply with double choke filtering and valve rectification. This technique not only provides excellent isolation between the digital circuitry and power supply, but also provides well-isolated short and clean analogue signal paths. The digital power supply is an exceptionally low noise, shunt-type.


Frankly, I was not expecting the Audio Note 3.1 DAC to excite, but it simply blew the Musical Fidelity away, giving an organic, euphonic, open and astonishingly revealing presentation with pace, rhythm and timing that exposed the up sampled output from the Musical Fidelity box as (comparatively) confused, mechanical and harsh.

Sonically it was a revelation. That’s how the Musical Fidelity player came to go back from whence it came, and I ended up buying a single-ended 3.1 Signature DAC (remember, no balanced version then in production) from Audio Note.

I lived with the 3.1 Signature from November last year until last week and it never failed to enliven our enjoyment of an eclectic mix of music from choral through chamber to be-bop and fusion. But I always intended to upgrade to the balanced version when it finally became available.”

 – Kevin Fisk

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