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The Fifth Element / Fifth Force is one of the most unique digital products available today. It uses the most unusual and innovative digital circuit on the market, combined with some of the finest components, materials and power supplies possible.

It is without doubt or question, the finest Digital to Analogue Converter Audio Note have ever produced. As one would expect, no expense has been spared in the construction of the circuit or the components used, and it is a full Level 5 product.





new technology.

An extremely unique feature of the Fifth Element / Fifth Force is its use of an input buffer stage for the incoming digital signal, using an EF800 valve. Audio Note was the first company in the world to commercially implement such an arrangement, and it is one of the many technical achievements found in the Fifth Element / Fifth Force that pushes the performance of this Digital to analogue Converter beyond the threshold previously thought possible for such a device or digital audio technology in general.

an element.

The Fifth Element / Fifth Force features a version of the M9 pre-amplifier line stage, using a 6189 (ECC82 / 12AU7a / 5814a) and a Telefunken 6463, both of which are dual triodes valves. These are coupled to an output transformer, wound with Audio Note (UK) silver wire on a 55% Nickel Audio Note (UK) Supa-Perma C cores. With a 33:1 step-down ratio, this output transformer not only has exceptionally wide frequency response, but also just about the absolutely best dynamic transfer function possible. The analogue output has provisions for both single ended and balanced operation, using the best available quality RCA and XLR connectors.



We now know what the best digital is. No question. And there is nobody else really trying to make the best digital although they are good at making the most EXPENSIVE this or that out there, and, with the press, the most hyped – with this Audio Note DAC, you stop thinking in terms of “Oh, I wish we had an LP version of this CD” and start focusing on the music. I have always thought ‘more dynamic range’ was essentially marketing BS. But… with the CDT-5/Fifth Element, the difference in dynamics between CD and very good LP playback is so small, I do not know now which has more dynamics – Words by Michael at Audio Federation.

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