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The largest of the Audio Note stand-mounted loudspeakers in the range, the Audio Note AN/Es are simply the best loudspeakers we have heard. They bring a realistic quality to music that almost defies belief at times. You need to hear these! 



classic design.

The superb Audio Note AN speaker range, is based on the classic Snell design and improved upon by Audio Note designers. The fundamentals remain consistent throughout the various models; a two way, rear ported, stand mount design using an 8 inch bass/mid driver and 1 inch soft dome tweeter. The speaker proportions may seem quite different from modern fashion, being wider rather than deeper, but this allows the speaker to breath naturally as a musical instrument would. When you listen to Audio Note loudspeakers you do not get the sense that the music is restricted by the cabinet dimensions, rather instruments sound natural, full and effortless.


The AN-E must be the most efficient wide band speaker of moderate size on the market, with an effective bandwidth from 18 Hz to 23 kHz at -6 dB, efficiency better than 95 dB/m and a dynamic headroom above 108 dB. The extremely high efficiency is retained well over the bandwidth, and makes the AN-E very suited to the high quality, low-power triode amplifiers.

The AN-E is a two-way, ported enclosure, with a carefully designed cabinet which is shaped to enhance and aid driver dispersion on one hand, and bass output on the other. The cabinet is lightly braced and little internal damping is used. The cabinet is designed in such a way that it augments and supports the drivers in their task, not unlike the box of a guitar. The drivers are selected and paired before they are matched to the crossover in the same process as the AN-K and AN-J.

Audio Note AN-E comes in various specifications and price varies according to the level.

review of an/e sp/e. 

Nothing in the last 30 years prepared me for the sound of the Audio Note AN-E’s. The sound that comes out from them is beyond my words. It stirs my emotions and it is easy on the ears. It sounded more like live music than any system I had ever heard. It has the clearest, most transparent, most coherent and most beautiful midrange I have ever heard. Vocals and instruments are just there with all their dynamics and with unbelievable tonal accurateness. The bass is quick, dynamic, and so deep it will blow your mind. The top end is just beautiful like real music is. Most importantly, the system let’s you emotionally into the pace and rhythm of the music. – Words by Jack Roberts.

review of an/e sp/e HE. 

The AN-Es are genuine stars, and although they have received ’glowing’ reviews over the years, it’s all too easy to discount such older designs because technology has apparently moved on and rendered them obsolete – or so the manufacturers and developers of such technology would have us believe.

The sound has that ‘organic’ feel of real musicians playing electronic or acoustic instruments before me. Nothing overblown, nothing exaggerated, just an honest, coherent presentation and most importantly, I could easily relate with the music being played. I can happily listen to the Audio Note system for hours with no signs of listening fatigue. For this is no ordinary hifi system, this is close to what I would describe as musical transcendence!Words by Chris Redmond

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