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The Audio Note AN-J is the middle model in Audio Notes classic range of speakers. The ported J’s are unquestionably “fuller” sounding than their little brothers (the K’s), in the sense that they go lower with more authority, go higher with more ease – they are smoother and more open sounding; and they create a larger image. 

The J’s bass comes remarkably close to that of their big brother E’s. In small and large rooms alike, with their 93 dB sensitivity, they are quite happy on even low powered valve amplifiers. The OTO/J-SPe combination is one of our most popular.



modern cabinet design.


The Audio Note speaker cabinets are tailored to place them in frequency bands where they aid and enhance the operation of the drive units, culminating in a loudspeaker system that makes the most of the preceding amplifier’s output.

The material choice for the cabinet is an area where a great deal of research and development has taken place. Over the years, Audio Note have tried many different materials and combinations, a time consuming endeavour culminating in the current design, which utilises the highest quality Russian Birch ply for the entire cabinet. Bracing and internal damping is kept to a minimum and strategically applied to help, not hinder the drivers.

The ported cabinet has been designed to be placed close to room boundaries, where the bass performance is augmented significantly by the additional reinforcement offered by the nearby walls. In this position, it will outperform any similarly sized speaker regardless of origin, thanks in part to the shallow cabinet / wide baffle shape which gives the drivers the best possible operating conditions, allowing them to perform as if they are mounted in a virtual wall. This provides the most undisturbed sound field with the widest and most even dispersion possible from a real world cabinet shape. 

more than one….

There are a few different versions of the AN/J’s available. Feel free to ask us about the differences, but here is a small overview:

AN-J/Lx –   AN-J/Lx – 2-way 1″ dome tweeter, 8″ woofer, rear ported, 93dB sensitivity, all round wood veneered Russian birch plywood cabinet.

AN-J/SPe –   As Lx but with AN-SPe silver speaker cable

AN-J/SPx SE –   AN-SPx silver cable, crossover with solid Audio Note™ silver inductors and Black Gate™ bipolar capacitors, Audio Note™ copper foil adjusting capacitors.

AN-J/SE Silver –   Adds silver voice coils and AN silver foil adjusting caps to the SPx SE.

AN-J SEC Silver –   Adds ALNICO magnet to the bass driver of the SPx SE.
Note: Images and information on this site may differ from current models or specifications.


I could save the answer to create added suspense to that question, but rest assured the Audio Note AN-J is one of those loudspeakers that will do justice to any Beethoven Symphony, or your latest Trance/Hip Hop/Rock album. Your pulse will flow at low volumes or when you want those 90dB-100dB sessions.

To conclude, the Audio Note AN-J, like the bigger AN E, navigates anything you throw at them with aplomb. They are always engaging, enjoyable, and have an overriding sense that what is being sent to the ears is “right.” And where the J goes wrong is more about omission. They won’t dig the deepest pedal organ notes out for example, but they will artfully relay most of the fundamental to trick you into believing there is more there than what is there. There is a great deal of art in the design of loudspeakers, and artfully shifting weaknesses so that they do not impede your enjoyment of music is paramount in retaining your willingness to suspend disbelief.

Words by Richard Austen at Dagogo.

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