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The superb Audio Note AN speaker range, is based on the classic Snell design and improved upon by Audio Note designers. The fundamentals remain consistent throughout the various models; a two way, rear ported, stand mount design using an 8 inch bass/mid driver and 1 inch soft dome tweeter. The speaker proportions may seem quite different from modern fashion, being wider rather than deeper, but this allows the speaker to breath naturally as a musical instrument would. When you listen to Audio Note loudspeakers you do not get the sense that the music is restricted by the cabinet dimensions, rather instruments sound natural, full and effortless.

About Audio Note AN-K Loudspeakers


The Audio Note AN-K is the entry-level into the classic range of Audio Note speakers.

While there are speakers, (notably Audio Note J’s and E’s) that go lower and higher with more ease, and make a bigger and arguably more accurate impression, the 90 dB, 8 ohm the Audio Note AN-K’s have a special quality that larger, more effortlessly full-range speakers generally lack. They have the ability to speak incisively and almost personally through the essential midrange, which, because of the Audio Note AN-K’s lighter low end, is where their balance is centered. They have an immediacy, a presence, exciting leading edge behavior, and tactile musical excitement.

A substantial benefit of the Audio Note AN-K is that they perform superbly on the modest OTO integrated amp. Designed with smaller rooms in mind, they also sound excellent in our smaller listening room 18’ and 28’.

There are thirteen different versions of the Audio Note AN-K, and all are available in 19 different real wood finishes, with a choice of veneers in standard or high gloss. The AN-K are available with either paper cone or Hemp cone drivers for the mid/ bass unit. The Hemp has an effortless sound, with lower colouration and greater midband resolution.

Audio Note AN-K Reviews

“All Audio Note speakers have a family sound because of the way they are built. This means that the reviews of the AN-E’s or the AN-J’s also talk of the same character in the AN-K’s. Audio Note Speaker Reviews:

“The Audio Note AN-K Spe, like most Audio Note equipment, plays almost all genres of music pretty well, and most importantly, somehow allows poorer recording to sound more musical without compromising the sound of great recordings. You ask how can a small two-driver sealed boxed speaker play loud enough or have the dynamics for rock or classical music. Again, this is the specialty of Audio Note speakers, that is doing what seems impossible from a small two-way speaker.”- Jack Roberts

“Nothing in the last 30 years prepared me for the sound of the Audio Note AN-K’s. The sound that comes out from them is beyond my words. It stirs my emotions and it is easy on the ears. It sounded more like live music than any system I had ever heard. It has the clearest, most transparent, most coherent and most beautiful midrange I have ever heard. Vocals and instruments are just there with all their dynamics and with unbelievable tonal accurateness. The bass is quick, dynamic, and so deep it will blow your mind. The top end is just beautiful like real music is. Most importantly, the system let’s you emotionally into the pace and rhythm of the music. It is dynamic enough for orchestral or big band music, and refined enough for a small jazz quartet or a string trio”- Jack Roberts

“The Audio Note AN-K Spe manages to play everything very well and this amazes me because there are just two drivers. How can a two way two driver boxed speaker create pretty deep bass at loud levels and still be able to keep track of dense music without sounding compressed or distorted? No other stand-mount I’ve ever heard manages such a scale and un-congested presentation. Jesse Cook’s Tempest guitar instrumental album has the same sense of hearing the entire guitar rather than just the pick/pluck and a hint of the rest of the guitar. The Audio Note AN-K captures the instrument cohesively. Comparing it to a live guitar the other day and the speakers are spooky in their realism. I can’t think of higher praise for a speaker.”- Customer Review

“The AN J is one of those chameleon loudspeakers which are equally at home with 1960’s Ray Charles LPs, while bringing about the soaring beauty in young classical artists like Hayley Westenra. The speakers’ balanced presentation from top to bottom displays no hick-ups passing information from woofer to tweeter. The speakers are as seamless in this regard as I have ever heard. This is absolutely critical and a failing of so many loudspeakers because without this seamlessness, the belief that the artists are in the room immediately crumbles and turns into a session of dissecting tweeters and woofers”- Richard Euston

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