Audio Note AN/K

about Audio Note AN/K loudspeakers

The Audio Note AN-K is the entry-level into the classic range of Audio Note speakers.

While there are speakers, (notably Audio Note J’s and E’s) that go lower and higher with more ease, and make a bigger and arguably more accurate impression, the 90 dB, 8 ohm the Audio Note AN-K’s have a special quality that larger, more effortlessly full-range speakers generally lack.

They have the ability to speak incisively and almost personally through the essential midrange, which, because of the Audio Note AN-K’s lighter low end, is where their balance is centered. They have an immediacy, a presence, exciting leading edge behavior, and tactile musical excitement.





The AN-K is a compact ‘book shelf’ design, using two drive units per cabinet to cover a very wide frequency response, given its modest dimensions. Unlike many ‘book shelf’ designs, the AN-K is relatively efficient and offers the amplifier an easy ‘load’, making it highly suitable for Audio Note’s range of superior quality, low powered valve amplifiers.


The Audio Note AN-K Spe, like most Audio Note equipment, plays almost all genres of music pretty well, and most importantly, somehow allows poorer recording to sound more musical without compromising the sound of great recordings. You ask how can a small two-driver sealed boxed speaker play loud enough or have the dynamics for rock or classical music. Again, this is the specialty of Audio Note speakers, that is doing what seems impossible from a small two-way speaker. – Words by Andrew Everard.

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