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about the audio note ax1/ax2

This is where the Audio Note Loudspeaker journey begins. A simple, elegant speaker that allows you into the music, like few other entry-level speakers do. 

The AX range are designed as general purpose small loudspeakers, and will work well with almost any amplifier.  





The AX-One is the smallest of the two bookshelf speakers that Audio Note make, but it still retains some of that signature Audio Note magic, at a fraction of the cost of some of their larger top-end loudspeakers. The AX-One’s feature:

  • 3/4″ silk/polamide dome tweeter.
  • 5″ paper bass unit.
  • 87dB sensitivity.
  • A cabinet finish of Rosewood, Walnut, Cherry, Black or White.


The AX-TWO is a compact ‘book shelf’ design, using two drive units per cabinet to cover a very wide frequency response, given its modest dimensions. Unlike many ‘book shelf’ designs, the AX-TWO is relatively efficient and offers the amplifier an easy ‘load’, making it highly suitable for our range of superior quality, low powered valve amplifiers.

ax-two features. 

The AX-Two is the largest of the two bookshelf speakers that Audio Note produce, with much more depth of bass than the AX-One whilst still retaining that signature Audio Note live-music sound of some of the larger speakers in their range.  The AX-Two’s feature:

  • 3/4″ silk/polamide dome tweeter.

  • 6″ paper bass unit.

  • 90dB sensitivity.

  • A cabinet finish of Rosewood, Walnut, Cherry, Black or White.


The AX-Two loudspeakers are part of Audio Note (UK)’s entry level “ZERO” series of products. What impressed me about them was their balance – nothing about them bothered me and I could simply listen to music without my ears pushing my brain into analytical mode.  The point after all of any system is to get out of the way and let the music simply be.  Even high priced big name gear has a difficult time doing this, so it was rather astonishing for a sanely priced standmount to be so convincing.

These speakers are about as good as it gets at communicating emotion to the listener as I have heard for the money! – Words by Richard Austen, Dagogo.


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