Audio Note TT3 Turntable

Four years in the making, Audio Note’s TT3 turntable has landed! 

We were very excited to finally get a chance to sit down and listen to the Audio Note TT-Three turntable. After a period of listening to it, we can tell you this is a milestone product! Never has a product stopped us in our tracks quite like this before!!

It simply must be heard to be believed.

In the decades of listening to vinyl we have done here at Audiocounsel, we have never heard vinyl sound so alive and so real! 

There a three levels of Power Supply to accompany the turntable (The PSU1 / PSU2 / PSU3), all with switchable 33 and 45 speeds. We have both the PSU-1 and PSU-3 here to listen to alongside the turntable.

Outwardly the deck looks very simple; a solid plinth on top of which are mounted not one, or even two, but three motors! These turn a lightweight acrylic platter by means of a flat belt around its circumference, each of the three high torque AC motors being mounted equidistant from each other. Within the gaps between each motor is the suspended sub-chassis that is ‘Y’ shaped; one leg of which is mounted the arm and the other two terminates with a weight the mass of which is exactly that of the former. This sub-chassis is suspended buy means of three ‘Pram’ springs mounted on hidden turrets beneath the sub-chassis each of which is adjustable for levelling but no ‘tuning’ is needed as the weight is evenly distributed.

If you would like a demonstration of the AN TT-Three, or any other Audio Note products, please get in touch with us.

In the meantime, you can see what Fidelity Magazine had to say about the TT3 by clicking the image below…..

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