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Audion was founded on a simple, singular concept: To allow people to get an insight into high end audio without sacrificing their home or bank balance. Two decades on, this philosophy still holds true today. Their aim is to deliver music as close to the original recorded sound as is possible. They are able to do this through extensive research of various circuit topologies, together with specially selected components from around the world. This puts them at the forefront of valve audio reproduction, delivering world class products that we think you will enjoy.



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Audion Silver Night 300B audiocounsel
Audion Silver Night 300B audiocounsel
Audio Counsel - Audion Valve Amps

audion history.

Audion was established over 30 years ago, in Brighton, England. Their aim was to make their products available and affordable to everyone, as well as being musical and easy to use. Above all, their attention to quality and detail ensure that your Audion is a “sound Investment”!


valve specialists.

Audion specialise in manufacturing high end, handmade and in most cases hard wired “Class A” valve amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and electronics. They research, design, develop and produce over 30 different pure “Class A” analogue audio amplifiers from their custom manufacturing facility in Bordeaux. 


audion dealers.

Here at Audiocounsel we are pleased to announce we are only one of a select few Audion Valve Amplifier dealers in the UK. We stock the the Audion Sterling EL34, Audion Silvernight 300B, Black Shadow 845’s & Premier Phono Stages. 


audion products.  

We have a good selection of the finest Audion products available on permanent demonstration. As always, we feel there is no better way to truly understanding what a product is capable of than hearing it for yourself.

Take a look in more depth at specific Audion products in our products section – and don’t forget to book a demo to suit you! 

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