Densen B-440 XS CD Player 

About Densen B-440 XS CD Player 


The B-440 may look like the natural progression of the award winning Densen B-400XS at least pricewise, but actually it is more than a successor, and pushes the quality of CD Playback significantly. Densen’s unique non feedback class A topology, perfected from the earlier designs, is one of the key elements that secures the extreme high sound quality of the B-440.

The Densen design team has focused totally on creating a CD player that not only sets new standards for the price range, but actually plays music in a way that allows the listener to really dig into the music.

Soundwise the B-440 is the result of Densen headhoncho Thomas Sillesens desire to make a CD Player that not only surpasses the current Densen models, but a CD player that will be a benchmark for what can be expected from CD players not only at the pricepoint of the B-440, but also at pricepoints much higher. The B-440 is transparent, dynamic, precise, engaging, musically correct, with a precise soundstage, and the ability to create a sound so good you forget you are “just” listening to a CD Player

Densen B-440 XS CD Player Reviews

“I have always felt that in an ideal world, I would have a machine for each type of music…Well the B-400 XS went a long way to satisfying all of my musical tastes. ”

“Using it on a day to day basis, I was constantly struck by how engaging it was, regardless of material. The top end was smooth and sweet, plenty of openness and detail, and while being somewhat more forward and having extra bite than the Meridian, though it was never in your face or oppressive.”

“Strings had a very natural feel to them, and while sounding delicate where required there was an agility that endowed the music with more vitality than I had previously heard. The Bartok string quarters sounded a little more alive, more believable, and more dynamic, while the sultry opening of the first quartet was exactly that, a little dark and full of misgiving. But as it progresses, the music begins to lift and soar, and the change of temperament was well conveyed by the Densen”

“the first Jeff Buckley album stands out as being memorable, the drums and percussion were awesome in their dynamics and impact. There was such a sense of coherence and solidity that made music really enjoyable, and much as I hate to say it, more analogue in its presentation, which can only be a good thing.”

“The Densen is a cake – and eat it product – it has sophisticated refinement alongside the dynamic and rhythmic capabilities that allow me to enjoy the wide range of music that I listen to. It has all too easily become ignorable as a piece of hi-fi equipment. Unfortunately its performance is going to be sorely missed.”  – Chris Binns. Hi Fi Plus.

“There’s a smooth, mellifluous character to the B-440BX that draws you in to the musical performance.”

“The tonality is warm and inviting, its full-bodied bass delivery and silky high frequencies assuring easy listening.” – Hi Fi News

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