Dynavector L300 MK II Pre Amplifier

Dynavector L300 Pre Amplifier 


The L300 combines the highest audiophile performance with a simple functional design that will serve you and your music faithfully for many years.

The Dynavector L300 pre-amplifier has been winning friends and influencing people with its performance since its debut in late 2007. Dynavector have now managed to improve the performance of an already excellent product. Introducing the Dynavector L300 Mark II

With its stunning sound and appearance to match, the Dynavector L300 II is a line stage pre- amplifier that can be augmented with the high quality balanced P300 phono stage. The L300 features balanced inputs and outputs and has provision for future internal modules.


• IR remote control of volume, mute and source selection

• Inputs: 1 Balanced, 5 Single Ended and provision for internal balanced phono-stage (P300)

• Outputs: 1 Balanced, 2 Single Ended and 1 fixed level Tape Out