Exposure 1010 CD Player 

About Exposure 1010 CD Player


The Exposure 1010 CD Player is a no frills design made to offer a taste of high end hi-fi performance at the budget end of the market – and boy does this CD player sound good. This CD player is made to do one thing – simply play music as it was meant to sound. Whether you own a large or relatively small CD collection, the 1010 is your ticket into a world of wonderful music.

Exposure 1010 CD Player Reviews

“The CD Player & Amp prioritise the most important aspects of musical production […] the retrieval of detail while offering a toe-tapping enjoyable performance”

“These are lean & mean products that provide the ultimate in value for money”

“Holding its head high during the sound test, the 1010 CD Player, for the price, is an essential on any demo list”- HI FI WORLD

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