About Heco

Heco Audio is a brand name that represents a rich and long tradition in speaker production. Since the day the company was founded more than six decades ago, it has been committed to developing an uncompromising, high quality reproduction of music in a home environment.

Legendary speaker series have shaped the image of the brand to date. The fact that Heco Audio has reinvented itself time and again over more than sixty years of its history – spanning a period that has witnessed some of the most important developments in hi-fi technology – is a testament to the strength and innovative power of the brand.

It’s only the result that counts – this seemingly simple product philosophy has been pursued by Heco Audio for decades to ensure its prominent position at the forefront of speaker development. The objective is to produce a perfectly balanced, transparent and dynamic sound. Heco Audio’s virtues: We spare no expense if we realise there is a potential for improvement – this goes for development, material quality and the use of technology.

This has resulted in the continuous emergence of new concepts over the decades that have become milestones in the speaker industry. The fact that we continue to develop products with an unrivaled price-performance ratio despite this continuous development has been put in black and white by the trade press and our customers. We are proud of everything that Heco Audio  stands for – just like our customers.

About Heco Direkt Speakers

Music flows effortlessly from the Direkt and its lightning speed, potent dynamics and hear-through transparency feels like a speaker with few compromises. The Heco represents a serious new choice for the discerning listener and doubly so if you enjoy low-powered

I kick of listening with Hello by Adele on vinyl. The opening piano notes have fantastic weight and richness. Pianos are notoriously tricky to portray convincingly, but the Direkt gets straight to the point, combining rich timbre with a lightness of touch. Adele’s voice appears centre stage at head height and the Direkt reveals outstanding imaging. Her vocals have real presence and focus and every tiny infection of her voice seems to hang in the air above the speaker. This holographic quality is often the preserve of electrostatic panels, but the Direkt seems equal to the challenge.

By way of contrast I leap back over 400 years and play a hi-res download of Harry Christophers conducting Nisi Dominus from Claudio Monteverdi’s 1610 Vespers. Within the first few bars the Direkt paints a rich, wide and deep tapestry of lush voices and Baroque instrumentation. Here the speaker’s sensitivity gives excellent light and shade between the intimacy of individual voices and the more opulent choral sections in the large acoustic space. It’s this sensitivity that enables quieter elements to be just as communicative as more dramatic dynamics, and the highly nuanced midband performance creates a sumptuous layering of male and female voices alongside a genuine ability to resolve the subtle timbre of the more unusual period instruments used here. The speed of the speakers also helps the excellent timing and so the music just flows through the drivers absolutely unfettered. In short, it’s spellbinding.

Heco Direkt At audiocounsel 

The Heco Direkt caught our eye when we read the stunning review of them in Hi Fi Choice. There a relatively few high sensitivity speakers, designed especially for low powered valve amplifiers at this price point in the market. The ingredients wetted our appetite; a quoted 95dB efficiency  and a 4-8 ohm impedance. We got in contact with the distributor who sent us a pair over. Immediately we feel in love with the sound. The wide baffle and paper cones give the Heco Direkt an effortless sense of musicality. When paired with the wonderful Audio Note OTO or Audion Silverlight 300B there is a sense that real instruments are being played before you.

Heco Direkt Einklang 

The new Heco Direkt Einklang Loudspeaker has just arrived. The Direkt Einklang has single, full range drive unit that ensures maximum authenticity and most important it produces  music effortlessly. The speaker is very efficient  94db which makes the speaker perfect for  valve amplifiers whilst performing well with large transistor amplifiers.  Like its big brother the Heco Direkt, comes in two finishes, black or white.

Review still to come..


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