Klipsch Loudspeakers

About Klipsch

Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) is the one of world’s most celebrated audio pioneers because he revolutionized the way the world listens to recorded music. Unsatisfied with the sound quality of phonographs and early speaker systems, Mr. Klipsch used scientific principles to develop a corner horn speaker that sounded more life-like than its predecessors.

His love of music and desire to hear an “orchestra” in his home is what drew Paul Klipsch to the task of refining the design principles that changed an industry. He said, “Audio was a hobby and then a profession, but I still consider myself an amateur in that an amateur is one who practices his art for love.”

The eccentric touch and no-compromise spirit of Paul W. Klipsch has indeed become part of the consumer electronics industry, the practice of engineering, and acoustic research itself. For example, Mr. Klipsch related that when he was developing a smaller speaker for use between two Klipschhorns, an acquaintance declared that he couldn’t possibly introduce it to the public because it was in direct violation of Mr. Klipsch’s own corner horn principles, and amounted to acoustic heresy. “The hell I can’t,” Mr. Klipsch said. “And that’s exactly what I’m going to call it!” A year later the Heresy loudspeaker was introduced.

Klipsch Sound


Paul Klipsch believed four principles to be the foundation for great sound.

• High Efficiency: Klipsch utilizes horn-loaded technology, because the horn shape results in accurate and dynamic sound transmission.

• Low Distortion: Klipsch horn technology reproduces the softest sounds with remarkable clarity and detail and the loudest sounds with no harshness or distortion.

• Controlled Directivity: Klipsch horn technology assists in accurately directing sound, which, in turn, creates a more lifelike soundstage

• Flat Frequency Response: We believe in delivering sound just as directors and musicians intend. Therefore, our stunningly accurate speakers offer no unnatural highs, mids or lows.

Once you’ve heard his unique loudspeakers, you’d have to agree there is a rightness about the way Paul Klipsch’s speakers sound; dynamic, involving, rich in texture, organic in sound and ultimately enjoyable to listen to. Many music lovers from around the world agree.

Heritage Sound


“I didn’t stop to analyze the sound; I just enjoyed the music and remarked to myself what a wonderful loudspeaker the Klipsch La Scala was; warm, rich, generous, and above all, dynamic.” Sam Tellig

“The legendary Paul Klipsch was one of the pioneers of Horn loudspeakers. His original Klipschorn dates back to the 1940s, and (with updates) remains in production to the present day. Any speaker still being made after more than half a century has to have something going for it.” Jimmy Hughes

“There is literally thousands of good loudspeakers around. Regardless of price it is hard to find few of them to come close to this masterpiece. Sometimes I tried to find deficiencies and deviations, but I simply couldn’t. Klipsch loudspeakers are immortal! They will be out of date only when the laws of physics change.” Mitja Borko

“There is a freedom from dynamic limitations, a feeling that the speakers are not limiting whatever dynamics are on the medium, something that is nearly always present on most speakers. It made me think that “audiophile” speaker design has forgotten a basic principle from the golden age of Hi-Fi, the importance of trying to capture the dynamics of live sound as best possible with low distortion. So if you can – give them a listen. They’re stupendous.” Customer Review

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