Klipsch Heresy III Loud Speaker

About Klipsch Heresy III

“The legendary Paul Klipsch was one of the pioneers of Horn loudspeakers. His original Klipschorn dates back to the 1940s, and (with updates) remains in production to the present day. Any speaker still being made after more than half a century has to have something going for it.” Jimmy Hughes

First introduced in 1957, the Heresy, a three-way design, started out as a compact center channel speaker to accompany the Klipschorn® in three-speaker stereo arrays. In 1985, Klipsch made some changes and improvements to this model and re-released it as the Heresy II. Today the new Heresy III has a more powerful woofer, bi-wire network and a titanium diaphragm tweeter with a larger magnet assembly. The midrange compression driver also features a new titanium diaphragm.

All of these changes result in improved tonal balance and increased output. In fact the Heresy III is three decibels louder (96 to 99dB), improving on its already high sensitivity.

In addition to delivering smooth, dynamic and low distortion sound, the Heresy III is available in a high-quality cherry, walnut or black ash wood veneer finish. Included is a slant riser base for floor placement that can be removed for cabinet installations. Because of its relatively “compact” size, this model offers the greatest degree of placement flexibility in the Heritage Series line.

Audiocounsel are extremely pleased to stock the Klipsch Heresy III.

Klipsch Heresy III Reviews

“It is a god send for music lovers.

The [Klipsch Heresy III] is capable of delivering a significant slice of sonic heaven.

It represents terrific value and merits nothing less than an enthusiastic two-thumbs up recommendation!”- Dick Olsher Absolute Sound

“A pair of Klipsch Heresy IIIs is a real high-end bargain.

It has something of the electric immediacy you experience when you hear music played live. It really engages you – involves you in the action.

The Klipsch is exceptionally involving – very good at recreating the excitement and drama of a live music event.

You could hear every word; every breath; every tonal nuance.

The sound confidently projects out into the room and comes over to greet you, rather than seeming to stay ‘behind’ the speakers.

First impressions were very positive – I liked the Heresy III’s presence and detail very much. They sounded crisp, immediate, and engaging – lively and energetic.

It creates a remarkably ‘big’ sound for what is a relatively small enclosure, producing room filling presence and dynamics without needing to be played loud.” Jimmy Hughes Hi Fi Plus

“I’ve been listening to speakers critically for the last 42 years and I have never come across a better speaker for its size than the Klipsch Heresy III. I am constantly amazed by the full and realistic bass and overall sound this speaker provides. The Heresy III speaker is an improvement on a design that began back in the 1950s with the Heresy I. With the Heresy III’s redesigned crossover network, titanium midrange and tweeter, Klipsch has taken one its founder’s original heritage designs to the next level using their modern day, digital test facilities. The sound is full and rich, making the listener believe they are hearing a much larger speaker. Drums sound real, as if they are in the same room with you. And these speakers are so efficient, that they excel even when connected to a lower-power, vacuum tube power amplifier! I personally use a fully restored, 1961 EICO ST-70 (40 wpc) Integrated vacuum tube amplifier when listening to CDs on my Heresy III stereo pair. Simply amazing!”- CUSTOMER REVIEW

“The Heresy III qualifies as one of the best values in speakers today.

The Heresy III defy convention. The soundstage extended well beyond the speaker boundaries.

The mids and high ends are smooth, with drivers blending in a seamless, coherent manner.

The Klipsch Heresy III’s constitute a consummate blend of vintage and modern sound in a package that’s easy to drive and effortless to integrate into your listening room.

No matter where you are on your hi-fi journey, these speakers provide a constantly engaging and truly thrilling musical experience

One of the secrets to any good loudspeaker at any price is its ability to convey natural reproduction of the critical mid frequencies. The Heresy IIIs handle this job better than most competitors, and by adding huge dynamics, at well under $2000/pair, they’re an unqualified success. I know this much: I need a pair”.- Jeff Dorgay Tone Audio

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Klipsch Heresy III Finishes: Walnut, Cherry and Black Ash