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Operating in Class A and delivering 10 Watts per channel, it offers plenty of valve power and volume, with minimal fuss. We believe the Puresound A10 is one of the very best value for money products we’ve ever heard! Not just an “entry level” valve amp, it far outperforms many more expensive valve amplifiers on the market. We’re sure you’ll be amazed at just how good this amplifier is once you hear it!




the a10.

The A10 accepts two line level inputs and may be switched to drive 4 or 8 ohm loudspeakers. The circuit is based around the sweet sounding 6P14 a modern equivalent to the EL84/6BQ5 family.

The A10 has earned Best Buy awards in the UK and Russia and has just won a ‘Golden Ear’ award for best amplifier in Germany’s ‘Audio’ magazine. 

a10 features.

  • Ultra Linear push pull output stage using 6P14’s in Class A.

  • Wide band output transformers using Z11 silicon laminations and 6N copper wire.

  • Japanese Rubycon power supply capacitors.

  • Evox Rifa signal coupling capacitors.

  • Carbon film restors.

  • ALPS volume potentiometer.

  • 24K gold plated phono sockets and speaker terminals.

  • 30mm Sandalwood fascia panel.

  • 24K gold plated brass control knob.


It’s the calming nature of the A10 that really impresses me. Despite the supposed low power, the A10 never felt that it was stressing or tense. I was impressed by the low noise aspect of the amplifier but also the wide expanse of the soundstage.

The entire test period only revealed how relaxed and at ease this amplifier was. Incisive with a superb degree of clarity, the Pure Sound A10 is a steal at this price. – Words by The Audiophile Man

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