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A much bigger brother to the impressive Puresound A10, featuring the 2A3 valve to achieve a spectacularly realistic yet controlled playback of your music collection. The Puresound 2A3 is an 18 Watt per channel line level integrated design that allows for the selection of up to 3 different source components, so it is perfect if you run CD, Vinyl and Streaming devices. There is control of the volume by a high quality ALPS Blue Velvet potentiometer.




heated triodes.

There are many amplifiers now making use of directly heated triodes but few which adequately address the particularly awkward issues involved in driving these devices properly. The Puresound 2A3 amplifier features an unusual choke loaded driver stage which allows the 6SN7 driver valves to deliver the full measure of signal to the push/pull output valves.  This rather exotic configuration usually results in a tremendous depth to the tone of instruments and the Puresound 2A3 is no exception in this regard.

qualitiy components.

The very highest quality components are used throughout including selected carbon film resistors and SCR polypropylene capacitors.  The power supply makes use of twin valve rectifiers and choke smoothing.

The output can be configured for use with 4 or 8 ohm loudspeakers.

The Puresound 2A3 may also be used as a very high quality stereo power amplifier if the volume control is turned up fully.

review – hifi pig.

The first impression was…..silence! This is one of the quietest valve amplifiers I have ever come across! No hiss. No hum. Just silence, into 97dB, no mean feat from any valve amp, let alone from a direct heated triode. This is a very fine amplifier indeed, safely better than some amps I’ve tried at a retail price of £6k and beyond.

The 2A3 is the unsung hero of the Puresound range – and in my view this wonderful amplifier deserves to be put on a pedestal and it’s praises sung from the rooftops!


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