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Why not dare to be different and enjoy your music like you probably have never before? We believe you will find the overall performance, for the modest size and price, to be quite special.

The Shahinian Compass is a vertical loudspeaker with a diamond shaped baffle. The enclosure is a rigid pipe with two dissimilar chambers for the Shahinian Compass. The bass loading is achieved by means of strategically placed friction slots. The diamond baffle is ideal to reduce unwanted typical diffraction problems and thereby produce a smooth, uniform radiation characteristic. A wonderfully natural sounding loudspeaker that simply must be heard!






Shahinian’s investigation and research into omnidirectional, vertical loudspeakers started all the way back in 1955, culminating in development and production of the legendary Compass speaker from 1977! This specific loudspeaker pays homage to Briggs & Voight as well as Enckel, Hegeman, & Fuller, pioneers of such early speakers.

cabinet design.

The cabinet enclosure is Shahinian’s standard 19mm Finland birch with a variety of available face veneers. All four surfaces are finished, permitting a variety of placement choices, including surround applications. Connection is made in the base and will accommodate any gauge wire.


In addition, owing to their 89dB sensitivity, the Compass speakers are a great companion for a valve based system. Ask us about valve vs transistor amplification and matching with the Shahinian speakers!


The Shahinian Compass comes tantalisingly close to allowing one to suspend disbelief utterly and allow oneself to accept as true, if only for a fleeting moment or several, that the musicians are actually with you in the room.

From the outset it became abundantly clear that this is a very special loudspeaker. The Compass communicates with outstanding fluency and ease, especially when you consider its relatively compact dimensions. It’s a small loudspeaker, but has the reassured, confident presentation and scale of a much, much larger model.

Rather than creating the impression, as many loudspeakers do, that the sound is being squeezed out of them like toothpaste from a tube, the music trickles effortlessly from the Compass as though no mechanical processes whatsoever are involved.  

Review by Malcom Stewart.


  • 6 ½” composite cone woofer

  • 1” neodymium-titanium tweeter.

  • Floor standing vertical enclosure with multi-chambered pressure loading; drivers mounted on diamond-shaped, angled baffle.

  • Power handling: 200 W max

  • Frequency Response: -3dB/40-18,000 Hz

  • Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms.

  • Sensitivity: 89 dB

  • Dimensions: 10” x 10” x 34”

  • Finish: Oak, Walnut, Cherry, or Rosewood

  • Weight: 30 lbs.

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