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The Obelisk is the first loudspeaker designed and produced by Shahinian in 1977. At the time, its shape and acoustical disposition were considered radical. Today it is positively conservative compared to what has come and gone. Today’s Obelisk 2 could not have been built in 1977. It is still the only genuine poly/omnidirectional loudspeaker on the market. 


We’ll leave if for Dick Shahinian to sum up the Obelisks in his own oh so correct words and style “For its size and price, its actual response is nothing short of remarkable . . . It recreates space . . . and possesses a sense of scale. It is still unique; it makes music!” – and who are we to disagree?!






The Obelisk’s have a rear-mounted passive radiator design with 8-in polypropylene curvilinear cone woofer, two 38mm Titanium ultralight exposed dome midranges, and four W-shaped Titanium/polyimide dome supertweeters.

Designed as a genuine poly/omnidirectional speaker which performs best in the open, away from walls and corners.

Features woofer with 1 1/2-in aluminium high-temperature patented D.D. voice coils, 28-oz magnet, and magnesium basket; supertweeters with 10-mm voice coils, filters at 6 dB woofer, 18 dB midrange, 18 dB supertweeter; 3.0 amp quick blow fuse. Dual binding posts.

Fitted with four twin-wheel casters suitable for carpeted or hard floors.


Shahinian speakers are capable of an effortless & organic musical reproduction which fills any listening space with a real sense of scale & performance.

After a few minutes I realised that I would have to have a pair because of their ability to communicate music like no other speaker I had heard.

The interaction between musicians is well presented & the whole is integrated very persuasively; you can’t help but be swept along with the musical message.

When you are used to listening to a pair of Shahinians, other speakers sound broken & disjointed when you listen to them. They lack the complete integration of musical strands & natural exuberance of these speakers.

Words by Hi-Fi+


Power handling: 200W max

Frequency Response: -3dB/28-18,000 Hz

Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms.

Sensitivity: 89 dB

Dimensions: 15” x 13” x 30”

Finish: Oak, Walnut, Cherry, or Rosewood

Weight: 50 lbs

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