Well Tempered Simplex Turntable

About Well Tempered Simplex Turntable

The epitome of William Firebaugh’s creative genius. A stripped-down version of the renowned Amadeus, this new turntable/tonearm combination will set new standards of analog playback in the value-for-money sector. In the words of their chief designer – William Firebaugh, “This is my all-time favorite turntable”.

New Features

  • Tonearm tube is directly coupled to the Golf ball.
  • On/Off switch is placed at the rear of the plinth.
  • Audio and Motor control electronics are completely separated.
  • Our beloved squash ball isolation feet are also directly coupled to the plinth
  • No Fussy Setup

Well Tempered Simplex Turntable Reviews

“The Simplex is ultimately an extremely focussed, coherent and superb sounding piece of audio gear at a compelling price.

The Simplex drew me in every time and made it impossible to tune the music out – the detail, the rollicking rhythm and musicality combine with the openness and spaciousness to create a level of enjoyment that doesn’t quite seem feasible at the price.

This deck has enough drive to get me off my butt and into an air guitar and air drumming frenzy, and that is saying something.

The Simplex grabbed me over and over, not merely with the sheer quality of the sonics but at the overall value for money I was hearing”.- WITCHDOCTOR.CO.NZ

“This cleverly conceived turntable does what few others can. It draws you into the music & holds you in its grip.

There’s something pretty damn addictive about the Well Tempered sound.”- HI FI CHOICE

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To read the full review of the Well Tempered Simplex by HiFi Choice click here

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