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About Zu Omen Definition 


Take the sound of the Omen, and then quadruple it!

The Omen Def is a loudspeaker that can go toe to toe with the best loudspeakers in the world, is happy with the vast majority of amps, looks spectacular, and at a price that most working music heads can afford!!

The Omen Def’s sound is an utter joy to listen to. It is all about being connected to the music and experiencing musician’s interplay as if at a live performance.

Zu Omen Loudspeaker Reviews



“Zu Audio Omen Defs Put the Fun Back into HiFi

You don’t really get the feeling that you’re listening to great HiFi so much, you just enjoy the music and keep on listening.

A great attribute of the speakers is their fluid sound.

It’s a music addict’s dream to get closer to the music when you’re not out at a concert, and the Omen Defs can really take you there.

These guys have the winning formula. They inject fun and enthusiasm into their designs and that is what people respond to”- POSITIVE FEEDBACK

“It excelled in terms of musical values.

For the record, I enjoyed my time with the Omen Def far more than I had with some speakers costing 10 times more.

This speaker is all about being connected to the music, experiencing musician interplay as if at a live performance. It is less about being an observer and more about being a participant in the illusion of live. It deserves and shall receive my enthusiastic recommendation.”- ENJOY THE MUSIC


“For people who love listening to their hi-fi, scrutinizing every aspect of the recording and forensically dissecting the performance, there’s a raft of speakers out there for those lost souls. For people who are still in love with the music, who just want to be at that gig, who really don’t care about ‘audiophile’ recordings and all the attendant crap—for all those enlightened souls, there’s Zu.”- AUDIO IDEAS


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Zu Omen Definition Finishes:

Finish options: Ghost Black: Honey Walnut: Sangria Red

Zu Omen Def is hand finished using processes and techniques used by top guitar builders for a deep rich three dimensional look and great feel.

Zu Omen Defintion Full Specification:

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