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The compact little Swiss made Merason Frérot DAC packs a punch at a very affordable price. We feel it outperforms many more expensive DAC options on the market, and has an exceptionally musical presentation. Real live music is available in your without having to break the bank! 



That Analogue sound.

Daniel Frauchiger and his Team at Merason craft some exceptional products. Merason’s goal from the beginning was to create very analogue-sounding DACs that perform well above their respective price points; they have more than met that brief, exceeding it by a large margin.


Using a 6-layer PCB, two for the power supply, two for interference immunity and two for signal routing, the analog signal is then finally delivered using a novel process so that the output capacitors in the signal path can be omitted.

The Frérot receives digital signals via USB, two S/PDIF RCA inputs and two optical Toslink connections. Inputs are selected by using the Elma rotary coding switch on the front. As with the bigger DAC-1, the digital signals go to a Burr Brown 1794A converter. 


Of course, as audiophiles, most of us want to know more about how it sounds. Let me start by saying that the soundstage of the Frérot DAC was huge. It was exceptionally deep and instruments and vocals were precisely placed within it. The soundstage could also be described as holographic. If soundstaging is important to you, this little DAC gives you much more than would expect at this price range.

The MERASON Frérot DAC gives music lovers a choice at a price point that may be very affordable for most audiophiles. It is definitely a contender worthy of your consideration if you are looking for a budget-priced option!Words by The Audio Beatnik



  • Output: max. 4 V RMS (symmetrical), max. 2 V RMS (asymmetrical).
  • Frequency: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.1 dB.
  • THD + N: <0.006%. SNR:> 120 dB.
  • DAC: BurrBrown 1794A, discrete I / V stage.
  • Output: discrete structure.
  • Power supply:
    • 9V DC, 12 W via the included external power supply 100V to 240V AC / 50 to 60 Hz, 40 W.
  • Audio formats
    • 44.1 kHz @ 16 bit, 44.1 kHz @ 24 bit.
    • 48 kHz @ 16 bit, 48 kHz @ 24 bit.
    • 88.2 kHz @ 24 bit.
    • 96 kHz @ 24 bit.
    • 176.4 kHz @ 24 bit.
    • 192 kHz @ 24 bit.
  • Dimensions
    • 22.5 cm x 5 cm x 18 cm (width x height x depth)
    • Weight: 980 g (DAC), 200 g (power supply)

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