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At Audiocounsel we have curated a range of both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges which represent the best value, in terms of both musical performance and value for money at every level of budget. We will happily fit your new cartridge and set up your turntable to maximise its performance potential! 



audio note IQ1, IQ2 & IQ3 cartridges.

The Audio Note IQ cartridges are some of the finest moving magnet designs currently available. A refinement of the established moving magnet principle, they offer an excellent combination of exceptional tracking ability, dynamic range and longevity, thanks to the extremely high quality components used for their construction. Each model employs a highly rigid Pocon body shell, equipped with integral threaded inserts for easy installation in the tone arm head-shell.

In fact, All three models in the IQ range use the same body shell, so it is a very simple and cost effective procedure to upgrade from an IQ-1 merely by changing the stylus assembly.

The coils in all of the IQ cartridges are made from high purity, ‘four nines’ copper wire that is of an incredibly small diameter.

The IQ 3 is similar to the IQ-2. However, its performance is the ultimate in moving magnet designs, as it uses an AN Type 2 diamond and a titanium cantilever which are identical to those in the legendary Io-I cartridge.


audio note I0-1 & IO-2.

The range of Io cartridges from Audio Note are world renowned. The unique nature of the Io design runs contrary to most accepted criteria, but the end result is a relatively small selection of hand-built moving coil cartridges. The cartridges are not able to be mass produced due to their design, and as a result are extremely time-consuming to produce. In use, they require a tone arm of very substantial rigidity, and must be combined with a properly matched, high-ratio step-up transformer in order to achieve the best possible linearity and dynamic signal transfer.

All Io cartridges are hand-built in the UK to exacting standards and feature ALNICO magnets, silver-wound generator coils and a titanium cantilever with an Audio Note AN Type 1 profile, diamond stylus.

The Io-I, has generator coils wound on a Swedish-made former and is available with either red or blue aluminium sides.

The Io-2 has generator coils wound on a Swedish-made former and is constructed with gun-metal sides. The cantilever is higher-tolerance than the Io-I and is fitted with an AN Type 1 Stylus.

audio note Io-gold.

The Audio Note Io Gold has generator coils wound on a Permadure-iron former and is supplied with gold-plated gun-metal sides. The highest possible tolerances are used when selecting the cantilever, stylus and generator.

Because of the low impedance and very low output of the IO Gold, it is essential that the minimum number of electrical connections occur along the wire and that the wire itself is of the highest possible quality. Not surprisingly they chose their custom made Audio Note (UK) 99.99% pure silver wire, and the coil wire extends all the way to the output terminals, avoiding all unnecessary connections.


audio note Io-LTD.

The Audio Note Io Ltd is unique among cartridges in its use of a field coil for a ‘permanent’ magnet, rather than a fixed magnet. This absolutely no-compromise design requires an external power supply to drive the field coil. A ideal unit is available. Please also note that tone-arm wiring will need to provide for two additional wires. Due to its hand-built construction, the Io Ltd. is usually not available from stock and is constructed to order.

dynavector 10×5.

The DV 10X5 cartridge is highly neutral and will work well in most systems and tonearms. The musical character of the 10X5 is a delight with its warmth and body in the bass along with exceptional clarity and musicality.

Because the moving coil gives a high output of 2.5mV, the 10X5 can be used with mm (moving magnet) inputs. This is a tremendous advantage if you don’t have a phono stage in excess of £600.

The 10X5 debuted in 1978 winning the prestigious Design and Engineering Award at the Chicago CES in both 1978 and 1981. Now featuring unique cartridge magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism (patent) along with powerful Neodymium magnet.

dynavector 20×2.

For more than 30 years Dynavector have established an enviable reputation for producing affordable high quality moving coil cartridges.

DV-20X has a solid aluminum alloy body and a rigid magnet construction similar to XX-2MKII. The cantilever is a 6mm length of hard aluminum pipe with a Micro-Ridge stylus. The magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism along with powerful neodymium magnets gives the 20X2H a healthy 2.8 mV output suitable for most MM inputs. The 20X2L has an output of 0.3 mV ideal for most MC phono stages.

Both high and low versions of the  20X2 are available ensure for the optimum end result. The high output model is well suited to valve preamplifiers or electronics that only offer MM inputs whilst the low output version offers superb performance when combined with dedicated moving coil inputs.

dynavector xx2.

The XX-2MKII exhibits deep powerful bass, treble is both clear and lively possessing none of the hardness found in many moving coil designs.

The XX-2MKII features a 6 mm solid boron cantilever fitted with a Pathfinder Line contact stylus. PCOCC (pure copper ohno continuous casting process) copper wire is used for the coil. The output voltage of 0.28mV is higher than that of the XX-2 and 6 ohms impedance are suited to most moving coil phono stages.

For ridgity of construction the XX-2 MKII cartridge body is machined from 7075 aluminium the hardest available. However, having only a total weight of only 8.9 grams it is suitable for a variety of popular tonearms.

goldring 1006.

The Goldring 1006 moving magnet (MM) cartridge is designed for audiophiles who want to get the best sound at an affordable price, featuring an elliptical tip for improved high frequency clarity. It also features a powerful magnet to ensure high sensitivity.

The Goldring 1006 phono cartridge has won numerous excellent reviews for being one of the best cartridges at this level, offering better performance than cheaper budget models.

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