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The first Debut turntable, introduced in the late 1990s, was a revolution for the hi-fi industry. The new Debut Carbon DC was designed to set new standards in this category for the coming decade!



The Debut Carbon.

Upon its launch in 1999, the Debut was an instant hit. Retailing at just £109, it was within reach of any Hi-Fi enthusiast. It’s attainability no doubt inspired people to dust off some of their old records, and has been accredited with playing a part in the current vinyl revival. The Debut Carbon is the modern equivalent of the original Debut TT.

The most obvious improvement is the inclusion of a Carbon tube for the tonearm, which increases stiffness and decreases unwanted resonance. Together with other improvements like an increase in platter size and weight to realize even smoother rotation, the overall sound quality is greatly improved.

High-Quality .

The approved belt drive design offers a low noise AC motor with effective motor decoupling (utilising TPE-damping) and ultra precision frequency DC-driven AC generator (like the Speed Box) for ultimate speed stability without unwanted vibration. The included Phono RCA cable, Connect it E, is a high-quality semi-balanced interconnect cable with gold-plated RCA connectors that guarantees the perfect connection.

The features. 

  • 8.6” carbon tonearm

  • Increased platter size with more weight

  • Precision belt drive with synchronous motor

  • New DC power supply with ultra precision frequency DC-driven AC generator (like Speed Box) for ultimate speed stability.

  • New TPE motor suspension

  • Felt mat

  • Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge

  • 7 high-gloss colours

  • Dust cover included


The thing about being at the top is that everyone wants a piece of you. That’s certainly the case when it comes to the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon – Award-winner and our turntable of choice at this price.

Really, you can’t go wrong with the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon.

It’s not the newest turntable around, and the competition may be tough, but even after a few years it has proved that it’s still among the class leaders at this price. – What Hi-Fi

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