Audio Note Events


We are delighted to invite you along to an selection of Audio Note events in our listening room at the shop.


On Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st November we will be demonstrating a level 1 Audio Note system. This event will feature a CD 1.1, Oto Push pull Amplifier and a pair AN-J speakers and TT1 Turntable, arm 1.
On the following week of Thursday 26th, Friday 27th, Saturday 28th November. Mario from Audio Note will be travelling North and gracing us with his presence. He brings along with him a
wonderful music collection and a wealth of experience. This is a special opportunity to listen to a higher level Audio Note system.
If you want to come along to one or more of the Audio Note Events and have a listen, please feel free.



To book your place please contact us on 01457 875555

Morning: 10am- 12pm.

Early Afternoon: 1pm – 3pm.

Late Afternoon: 4pm – 6pm.

4 places per session.



Audio Note are small British company who manufacture a complete range of products including turntables, CD Players, DACs, integrated amplifiers, pre amps, power amps and a range of speakers including floor-standers and stand mounts. Not to mention mains leads, interconnects and speaker cable.

For us, their equipment simply allows us to get past the equipment and on to the important task of listening to music. The sound has that ‘organic’ feel of real musicians playing electronic or acoustic instruments before you. It stirs the emotions and it is easy on the ears.