Naim Audio is one of the most commercially successful British audio companies today. Its success comes simply from equipment that recreates recorded music with unerring precision. Neither adding nor subtracting anything from the original performance.

Since the company’s foundation, Naim Audio has relentlessly pursued the same, single, outwardly simple aim: to recreate the performance a musician has recorded accurately and with all of the information wholly intact.  That means that not only must the musical notes be faithfully preserved but so must the emotion and passion that inspired the performance.

What makes Naim stand out cannot be conveyed in numbers alone: what measurement, for example, reveals how one singer’s phrasing is more evocative than another’s or that one guitarist plays more fluently than another?

The importance of power supplies has been at the heart of Naim philosophy for over twenty five years. Although certain Naim amplifiers provide an adequate power supply for the partnering preamplifier, the use of a separate Naim ultra-low noise power supply brings substantially improved musicality to the whole system. Simply being separate from the amplifiers ensures correct earthing and hum-free operation, while the large toroidal transformer and generous high quality smoothing capacitors provide exceptional dynamic stability.

The Napsc Power Supply Old Style is in excellent condition.

With original Boxes so can be shipped.

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