For Sale- Naim Supernait – £1595


Naim fans will love the Supernait, and rightly so. It’s a versatile product, and shows a sense of adventure other specialist manufacturers would do well to follow.

Here’s a Naim integrated with digital-to-analogue conversion, five digital inputs, a front-panel MP3 input and even an unfiltered subwoofer out.
Round the back, you’ll still see the brand’s favoured lockable DIN con-nections, five pairs of standard RCAs, as well as coaxial and optical digital outs.
And as with other Naim products, you can still upgrade the performance with a range of offboard power supplies or even biamp with an additional power amp.

A power output of 80 watts per channel isn’t particularly impressive by today’s standards, but it’s enough to drive a wide range of price-compatible loud-speakers to decent decibel levels.

In excellent condition, with original boxes so can be shipped.

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