For Sale- Naim UnitiServe – £895

UnitiServe is designed to serve three key purposes; all significantly benefitting from Naim quality, secure CD ripping and storage.

Local digital playback through the 75Ω BNC or TOSLINK connected digital output. The Naim DAC – which has established itself as the most musical, musically gripping digital to analogue converter available – is the ideal companion.

Multiple streams made available from the Naim written UPnP server.  This would be ideally suitable to single- or multi-room systems using NaimUniti or UnitiQute. Streams are at native bit rate unless the UnitiServe is configured to downsample the streams on the fly should the UPnP renderer require it.

Up to six StreamNet streams of CD Quality to supply a NaimNet whole-house multi-room system.

There are many ways to control a UnitiServe. In its server mode it can be installed, set up and then fed CDs as desired.  It will rip, catalogue and store the rips efficiently and efficaciously, serving them to the finest UPnP or StreamNet standards. As a player the UnitiServe can be controlled by a Naim Handset, an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone running the HDX app, or by a computer running an internet browser supporting Adobe Flash®.  PC users can also run the Naim Desktop Client giving an explorer style interface for control and setting up. UnitiServe can be a Server and Player simultaneously.

The UnitiServe is in excellent condition and includes original boxes so can be shipped.


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