For Sale- Hyperion HPS 938 – £1595


Hyperion’s unique driver research has led to the cabinet design for the first HPS 906 nearly a decade ago.  The duo-cabinet design was created for our full-range 3-way speaker HPS-938.  HPS-938 design was completed in 2003, which includes all the features of Hyperion speaker design.  With a dedicated cabinet for the bass and all the qualities of HPS-906, the HPS 938 simply has elevated the HPS series to an astonishing new level.  Two 8″ S.V.F. woofers are used instead of a larger size woofer for the bass speed, resolution, coherence and impact.  The New HPS-938 is our answer to a new level of audio experience.

The speakers are in very good condition including original boxes so can be shipped.

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