For Sale- Accuphase E-212 Integrated Amplifier – £1395


The power amplifier section of the E-212 boasts excellent phase characteristics and smooth reproduction thanks to the highly re- nowned current feedback principle. In the out- put stage, a parallel push-pull arrangement of high-current power transistors designed for demanding audio applications is used, allow- ing the amplifier to drive even very low imped- ance loads with ease. The preamplifier sec- tion has its own power supply to eliminate in- teraction with the power amp circuitry. Tone controls, loudness compensator and other features let the user tailor the sound if desired. Up to two tape recorders can be connected for recording and playback, and terminals for two sets of speakers are provided, making the E-212 a flexible and attractive performer. In addition, various options make the E-212 even more versatile. A digital input board with MDS (Multiple Delta Sigma) D/A converter allows direct input of the digital signal for example from a CD player for ultra-pure music repro- duction. An option board for reproduction of analog records is also available.

The amp is in excellent condition with original boxes so can be shipped. Original manual and remote control also included.

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