For Sale- Audio Analogue Maestro CD player (20kg, 24bit/96kHz) – £750

The Maestro CD Player is not based on the development of pre-existing projects such as the other components of the SE line but has been totally built from scratch instead.

The Maestro CD player reduces jitter problems thanks to an innovative piece of technology entirely developed by Audio Analogue. The technology uses a ”discrete components” PLL to lock the digital signal. The whole chain can reach 192 KHz/24bits and a new previously unseen fully differential low noise configuration has been used in the output stage. The excellence of the player is made complete by: – The extreme flexibility which allows the user to set many parameters of the DA conversion such as the sampling frequency. – The digital input which allows the user to use the unit as a DA converter from a digital source with a sampling frequency of up to 192 KHz.

The CD Player is in excellent condition and can be shipped in original boxes. Original manual and remote control also included.

For more information contact audiocounsel

01457 875555

29 Sam Road, Diggle, Manchester