Audio Note CDT-Two CD Transport Review

It seems more and more people are realising just how incredible an Audio Note system sounds. And as more people are starting to hear music like never before, Audio Note are garnering high praise in the hi-fi press. This time, it’s the turn of Part-Time Audiophile who have written a very interesting review of Audio Note’s CDT-Two CD Transport.

I feel a bit weird talking about the “sound” of the transport — it really ought not to have any! That is, as a transport, the CDT-Two/II doesn’t include a DAC as part of the solution — you’ll need to add one to get any sound at all. So, it may be odd to say that my CD playback chain sounds fantastic with the CDT-Two/II, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the CDT-Two/II. As to why, well, I’m going to assume that the Phillips mechanism is bang-on good, and more, that the AN implementation is just excellent.

As to what part of that is the direct result of AN’s “secret sauce”, I can’t guess, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and this is some damn-fine sound.

Scott Hull from Part-Time Audiophile has clearly heard the same kind of magic we have heard in Audio Note’s products and constantly tell our customers about. To read the full review, hit the link below…….

PLEASE NOTE: Audio Note are set for a 12% price increase as of September 1st, so if you would like to have a demonstration of the CDT-Two CD Transport or any other Audio Note products, we recommend getting in touch with us ASAP to arrange this.


Audio Note UK CDT-Two/II CD Transport Review