Another Happy Audio Note Customer…..


We received a lovely letter from a long term customer and friend of Audiocounsel, after we recently installed his new Audio Note Conqueror Silver power amp. Here’s some of what he had to say……


Music to my ears…..this is the real deal. My dream amp has arrived after 5 months of hard saving and many a sleepless night to be plugged into my system. Many thanks to Dave and Jimmy of Audiocounsel for their epic journey for delivering Audio Note Conqueror Silver Single Ended 300B Stereo Amplifier. The Conqueror has euphoria written all over it. At last I am in the Audio club of excellence, entry level at the very best but it has taken me 5 years to get there. 

Audio Note live up to their name and are on a different level when it comes to the glorious world of Hi Fi. Their timing, precision, clarity note for note, soundstage, dynamics, coherence & musicality music sound like no other. Instruments sounding like real instruments. Those of you who are lucky enough to own any Audio Note products will be on the same song sheet and know where I am coming from. This is something special and unique – CDs are no longer Frisbees but musical discs as they should sound when they were recorded in the studio.

We all have our addictions, mine is music, and the great news is I feel now that I am in the demo room of Audiocounsel – Manchester’s finest! Spent many a year in the demo room and been tempted to hire the room for a couple of days just to be in my own element enjoying the music.

To end, Audio Note are Simply The Best head and shoulders above the rest!!
Stay in tuned to the music you love. That’s Entertainment!!!

Paul ‘Soul’ Johnson, Lancaster