This edition of Audio Notes is about cables. A subject that always draws controversy. For some specialised audio cables are snake-oil, for others an essential component to achieve truly exceptional sound reproduction.

 Many state, they don’t hear any difference between cables, or have ‘theorised’ that (significant) differences between cables are scientifically impossible.

 And yet… Once a system has sufficient resolution, and the mind has opened itself to experience, good cables can transform a system beyond imagination.

Now… what makes a good cable? An endless amount of words have been spend on the subject. As Audio Note, component quality always has been of prime importance, and nowhere else is this so evident as in our cables.

Remember, it was Audio Note who was the first to use silver in its products over 30 years ago.

And till today we offer some of world’s most exotic and expensive cables.

Snake Oil?

Just read the epistle below, written by a psychologist by training who, after a decade of clinical work, founded a business based on solid engineering principles, structured coding, and sound business practices.

Someone not easily sold, swayed, or influenced.

Of course, the best way to know for sure is to hear them for yourself! If you would like to book a demo of any of the interconnects or speaker cable mentioned in this article, get in touch to book a demo.