North West Audio Show 2019

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at Cranage Hall for this year’s North West Audio Show! We had a great time playing all kinds of music on two different systems. Our room was very busy for most of the weekend!!

We had a very special guest, the immensely talented Vincent Belanger, performing LIVE cello pieces, not just as a solo performance, but also with the backing of a full Audio Note system. In his own words, Vincent said that only on an Audio Note system does he feel like he’s performing with another LIVE cellist, as the sound being reproduced is so close to the real thing!! If you were one of the lucky ones who managed to catch his performance, you’ll know just what he means. If you missed out, have a look at just what you missed in the video below.

If you’d like to hear either of the systems we played over the course of North West Audio Show, or would like a demonstration of just how close to the sound of real music a system can take you, feel free to call us on 01457 875 555 or email us at