Review of Audio Note Tomei Kensai and an M6

Stefan Gawlick and co, over at Fidelity Magazine, seem to really know what they’re talking about when it comes to the world of high-end Hi-Fi. They are one of the few Hi-Fi magazines that we feel we can trust to write exactly what they hear, and tell it like it is. So it is refreshing to read a very honest review of Audio Note’s Tomei Kensai 211 amplifier and their legendary pre-amp, the M6. In fact Stefan says “I will write honestly about my experience listening to the devices in two different rooms and with three different types of loudspeakers. I decided that it wouldn’t matter if the manufacturer, dealer, editorial team or any readers decided to stop talking to me afterward. If I gave myself carte blanche, and the freedom to write whatever I wanted, then I would be doing the right thing”.

Over here at Audiocounsel, we listen to absolutely everything we sell before we’d ever consider stocking it. We always seem to be telling people they need to listen to an Audio Note system these days, and we find it very reassuring that the people in the know get so excited about the same products as we do!

Click this link or the images below to have a full read of what Fidelity Magazine had to say…..

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