Winter Warmers at Audiocounsel

Over the last 35 years we have been on a musical journey to uncover the best systems around, from very affordable systems to the highest levels of performance.

In the last 10 years our journey has taken us away from the mainstream brands into the world of low powered valve amplifiers and high efficiency speakers. If the job of a HiFi System is to deliver music that is as faithful to the original sound of instruments as possible then these systems deliver that like no others.

Many customers have joined us on this journey and are experiencing music like they have never heard from their system, vinyl and CD collections. We would like to share our experiences with you. During the month of January we would like to invite you along to the shop to experience these systems.

Audio Note

We will be running two very special workshops per day 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm on January 18th and 19th (Saturday and Sunday).

Peter Qvortrup and his son Daniel Qvortrup will be our very special guests during the course of the weekend. Peter’s insights into the world of Hi-Fi are always fascinating, and he will be presenting a short talk in each session along with Darko Greguras, Audio Note’s senior designer, who will also be in attendance at the sessions, with some very special prototype products for you to listen to!  

We will be playing three different Audio Note systems during each session. We will be playing an “entry level” Zero system, a more sophisticated Audio Note system, as well as system which will involve some very exciting prototype products – you won’t be able to hear these anywhere else. Each session will include their new Meishu Tonmeister integrated amplifier, the 4300e Valves, comparisons between the new TT3 turntable power supplies – which is simply the best turntable we have ever heard! We will be showcasing a range of analogue and digital sources within each system too.

Audio Note has become a big part of our business. They produce some of the most natural and realistic presentation of music that we have ever heard from a Hi-Fi System. Come along and experience this for yourselves! 

Please call us or email us to book your place on one of these dates to suit you.

During the course of the weekend we will be offering a record cleaning service. We will have one of the best record cleaning machines around, the Loricraft PRC 6 in action, and for £3 a record (including a new inner sleeve), with your 5th record cleaned for free, you will be able to revive some of your filthiest vinyl! We have used this machine ourselves, and can wholeheartedly recommend it having heard the results. 

Audion and Klipsch

Klipsch have been making horn loaded loudspeakers since 1946. They still outperform most of their modern competitors. They give you unique sounds that offer breathtaking dynamics. Partnered with low powered 300B Audion amplifiers, there is a beauty of sound that is quite beguiling. Join us to experience a taste of this unique system.

We are running one workshop per day between 11am-2pm on January 23rd, 24th Please call us or email us to book your place on one of these workshop sessions.

Puresound and Heco

If ever there was proof that the cost of a HiFi system is not any reflection of its performance – Puresound make some of the most musically rewarding valve amplifiers around today, and they start at very affordable prices. Coupled with the German made Heco loudspeakers, they can produce a natural, enjoyable musical experience that simply has to be heard! Heco have been making loudspeakers since 1949, and they still sound ahead of their time even today! Come along to hear for yourself!

We’ll be hosting one workshop per day between 11am-2pm on January 30th, 31st. Please call us or email us to book your place on one of these dates to suit you.

We would like to extend a huge thank-you to all of our customers, who have supported us over the years!